Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick – Pink Allure

Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick – Pink Allure

Hi Girls, 🙂

Today I am going to review a lipstick from Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick range. The shade is called Pink Allure. Please read on to know my experience.


Rs. 160 for 3.5 gm


44 Pink Allure

Streetwear Color Rich LIpstick Pink Allure

My experience with Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick in Pink Allure:

The shade name is Pink Allure. Well, I fell for the name pink allure and bought it online. But let me tell you, there is nothing ‘Pink’ and nothing ‘Alluring’ about this lipstick. When I received the parcel and opened the lipstick, I was horrified to see the color. It is purple-ish lavender!! I would never think of putting something lavender on my lips. I was utterly disappointed. I just kept staring at it for five minutes, not knowing what to do with it. Then one of Sanjeevji’s IMBB posters came to my mind which said “Didn’t you see the IMBB review before buying this product?” and I felt like banging my head :’( . It is not just the shade but everything is wrong with this lipstick.

Streetwear Color Rich LIpstick Pink Allure (3)

The packaging is so flimsy and cheap looking. The texture is so waxy and hard. It tugs the lips and not at all smooth. You can see in the pictures that the bullet of lipstick is not evenly colored. It has layers of different shades of lavender. It shows that either the formula or the product is not made well. It is hard to pull off this color by any complexion. The application is so uneven. It gets settled in the fine lines the moment you apply it. If you go for second swipe, it gets patchy and hard. It is the worst lipstick ever that I have bought. I am officially done with buying lipsticks online, unless I have seen any reviews on IMBB. 🙁 I am just glad that I did not pay much for it.

Streetwear Color Rich LIpstick Pink Allure (5)

Streetwear Color Rich LIpstick Pink Allure (2)


It literally made me look ill with this lipstick on. If you guys remember Joey’s Japanese lipstick for men ad ‘Ichiban’ from Friends series, it is exactly how this lipstick looks!! 😀 So, please stay away from this one!

Streetwear Color Rich LIpstick Pink Allure swatch (2)

Streetwear Color Rich LIpstick Pink Allure swatch

Pros of Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick – Pink Allure:

1. Nothing I can think of!

Streetwear Color Rich LIpstick Pink Allure (6)

Streetwear Color Rich LIpstick Pink Allure (7)

Cons of Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick – Pink Allure:

1. Flimsy packaging.
2. Horrific color.
3. Does not suit any skin tone.
4. Feels waxy.
5. Uneven application.


IMBB Rating:

0.5/5 (I have given 0.5 out of pity, it deserves a zero)

Will I recommend Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick in Pink Allure?

No! Never. Please don’t waste your money on this crappy lipstick.


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32 thoughts on “Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick – Pink Allure

  1. oh dear dear
    hahahha loved ur review
    well they do have some stunning shades that are unbeatable for the price
    like crystal mauve, peachy sizzle, rusty orane and so on
    this was bad luck!

    1. Thanks neha! 🙂 ya i had seen some good reviews in IMBB on this range thats why ordered.. well it was my bad luck 🙂

  2. oh come on.its not looking bad on u. n ladies do wear mauve color on lips,dats y dey r made.
    I will suggest to wear dis,it doesn’t look bad. for d drag u feel,use it wid a balm or gloss. n prob solved 🙂

    1. Thanks khushi 🙂 actually in pic its looking much ,much better.. i must thank my camera for that… in real it looks streaky and dry… thanks for the suggestion though 🙂

      1. ya..i agree wit is not looking dat bad..pretty colour..try it with a gloss and im sure u wil get used to it..but d mistake is on d naming part 🙁

        1. Thanks soundarya 🙂 i havent tried with gloss… I was turned off by shade! but let me try.. thanks for suggestion 🙂 and yes they shud put more effort in naming the shades!

  3. Another on with a misleading name.. pink allure..indeed 😛 Sorry it didn’t work for you. Buying a lipstick online is tricky better check IMBB first!

    1. True Esha! 🙂 lesson learnt.. but i hope I can help other ladies out here with their choice with my review! 🙂

  4. “there is nothing ‘Pink’ and nothing ‘Alluring’ about this lipstick. ”

    Lol! That made me giggle. On a more serious note, this is not such a bad shade but it wouldn’t suit most Indian skin tones! What a misleading name. PINK it seems! :\

  5. Sushma , its a mauvish/lavernder shade and although you did get disappointed as its not ‘alluringly pink’ , but trust me this is a safe colour lipstick , in the sense , its a lipstick you can wear on almost all formals and western casuals . Also , you can use it as a base colour and add zing to it by going for some shimmery pink/dark mauve lip gloss. Also this will look good if you use bold kohl on your eyes , i mean if you highlight your eyes and use this it will look good . Try mixing it with some pink or dark mauve lipstick , sometimes these mixtures look more nice than actual lipsticks .

    1. Thanks for lovely suggestions preeti 🙂 as much as I want to make this lipstick work somehow, its also the texture which is turn off for me :-/ But I would surely try your tips on other lipsticks 🙂

  6. i would rather use that lipstick as a base for my poorly pigmented mauve eyeshadows 😉 hihi…. jokes apart, it is looking good on u re, why r u so dissapointed? 😮

    1. agree with Aps… also u cn make it work for u by applying a gloss or something over it.. nice review

    2. Lolzz… eyeshadow base!! hmm… thats creative as always by u aparajita! 🙂 im disappointed cos I was expecting some pretty pink lipstick 😛 also the teture is so bad!! 🙁

      1. do try it out as a base sushma, m not kidding 🙂 i do that quite frequently 😛 strange the texture is bad, coz i found my HG lippie ( #09 creamy brown) from this range only 🙁

        1. oh will try it out then 🙂 I feel these lippies are not consistent.. i have one more lipstick from this range peachy pink.. and its quite ok.. so the prob is with this shade only i guess.. 🙂 will let u know how it works as base 😉

  7. even i had a bad experience with this lipstick natasha, but people suggested me to try some more shades, but after your review i won’t even think of trying other shades 🙂

  8. Aww.. it looks gud on u sush though it may be a dud! however i wonder its purple kinda shade bt name says pink allure….. 😛

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