Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Compact Beige Review

Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Compact Beige


Rs. 275

Like you know I bought some new fancy looking Street wear goodies from New U.This one is a compact I could not resist picking due to how pretty it would look in my stash. The color turned out dark for me, it is more on the orage side and it kind of oxidizes on me, overall the shade and compact turned very average, some thing I would enjoy looking at but not much using it.The color makes me look two shades darker than what I actually am.

The packaging is not great plastic but it click locks and is very strudy.It looks like a lot of fun to own this compact.It would look so pretty in your kit in the hand bag too.It comes with a cover and a puff to be placed on it.The puff is nice, not as feather soft as you would want it to be but still nice.I like to sheer it out with a powder brush.It works better with a puff honestly, with the brush it gave me hardly any coverage.



The color is pure matte and it is on the chalky side.The color looks pale but on the face it looks very orange and makes me look like I am a tanned.Check your shade and buy carefully.The powder was smooth enough on the top but underneath it had these small white bumps on it and did not feel smooth any more.I do not like using with a puff for fear of bacteria but it can be washed, I have tried it.For sheer coverage try application with a brush. But then it will only mattify and not give you brightness.

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The compact covers pores lightly but with the puff the coverage is better, it mattifies skin beautifully but only for 3 hours max.The coverage is medium and I like how it mattifies the skin.It does make my skin look matte but not refined,so it is not that great a quality to smoothen out skin.It is a simple mattifying orange-based shade of compact.


I don’t think it is worth raving about as a compact but yes it is a fun product to own for its cuteness.As a compact it is not so refined or smooth, it is a mattifying, try it if you get your shade.This is something slightly better than your regular Lakme compacts that we had earlier.

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  1. Use it as an orange blush asI even have an orange compact which I generally use a stubble orange blush *preen*

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