Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lip Color 27 Spell Bound + Haul

Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lip Color 27 Spell Bound + Haul

OMGG drugstore goodies for college girls!Weekend I went to New U and saw these lipsticks and there were so manyyyy this is the minimum I could pick.I also got the foundation and compact and compact is amazing.So lot of these new product reviews coming up.This is close enough and better than Elle 18 in terms of packaging and the pricing perfect for college girls! The shades are amazing honestly, but the lipsticks are on the hard and sheer side.They have named color ranges after the pretty girls on the pack, Susie,Simran, or something like “shades of Susie” etc. 😛 Anyway, let me tell you there are a lot of shades to choose from but the product is not super creamy, you get what you pay for.

I got 7 lipsticks there were no testers but you know my expertise, only one turned out bad, rest all super! 😀 The lipsticks are 180 each and the compact is 275, foundation is close to 200 I forgot, making it a competition to Elle 18.
Let us talk of the packaging, it is superb for the cost.It has an attraction no doubt.The lipstick click locks and I have not had any issues with it breaking.But one major problem is that even when you roll it up, it is jutting out, so you are sure to nick it with the cap,:(. They have numbers and names which is awesome.


This color is more like our desi carrot red, with more pink in it,the color is really pretty and great for all skin tones. I love this shade and can wear it like any time anyday. The color has no shimmer sheen or pearl to it.The color feels very sheer when you apply it but you can surely build it up.Remember it feels draggy as if you have to swipe it on and on.


When you apply it feels draggy and hard as if no color is actually depositing on the lips, you know what I mean.But surprisingly you can build it up.It kind of feel hard, I wish it were creamy but for the color I have no complaints.The texture is on the light side but it stains for sure.Then again it is nothing too moisturising, it is not drying either.If you wear it lightly it feels nice and comfrotable but nothing moist about it.

The color transfers less as it is not cakey or creamy.It lasts fairly long too 3 to 5 hours without meals and fades evenly and leave a pinky stain.But my only peeve is the pigmentation, wish it were super true to color in one swipe but thankfully I achieve the color in more swipes.

Overall fabulous release, must try for all girls and who like to try new makeup.The packaging is super pretty, fun to own.Pricing is good too.If you are okay with some stain, the sheer nature and are willing to compromise on creamy texture for this color, do try it.


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17 thoughts on “Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lip Color 27 Spell Bound + Haul

  1. Hey Neha I just saw them today at New U *happydance* . I got a lipgloss from the collection .The packaging is really cute and funky. The color is pretty and ur lip swatch *jai ho*

      1. I got a gloss named Valentine Pink. *pompom* Its light pink , almost nude gloss with fine shimmer ,value for money I would say . They have some nicely pigmented gloss in the collection as well 🙂 .

  2. I saw these yesterday at Central, all the packaging is sooo cute 😀 I loved the compact packaging, but I don’t need a new one now so I didn’t pick up.
    Btw, I swatched a red color form this range but it didn’t seem sheer at all, it was very pigmented in one swipe only. Maybe it depends on the shade.
    The nail paints in this range are also really pretty, in many colors 😀 😀 I want to go back and pick up stuff properly after seeing your haul now 🙂

  3. the haul pics are so tempting and inviting neha *woot* love the packaging, totally girly…..and shade is nice too but your lips make it look wonderful….

  4. Wooooow *woot* look at that shade!!! *woot* I’m definitely getting these *drool* but going to wait for all your reviews and then gonna go get them ALL 😛 I looove this color Nehaaa *woot* I started following IMBB with Rati’s posts and then yours. You are like the lipstick dictionary on IMBB *jai ho* hehe Trust me, I have NEVER ever loved lipsticks so much as I do today *hihi* I used to hardly have one or two lipstick before. After following your posts, I stopped counting *hihi* *thankyou* Neha

  5. I want to grab these if only for the packaging.. *drool* *drool* but I cant find it anywhere online *waaa* *waaa* the packaging reminds me of Archie comics *hihi* *hihi* n obviously the shade looks awesome on u 😀 eagerly waiting for the review of all these products *drool* *drool*

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