Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick – 11 Pink Passion

Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick – 11 Pink Passion

Today I have another fun pink lipstick to share from the new Streetwear collection.These come super affordable and are a great competition for Elle 18.I think if you are into college you have get them all!

This one is a nice hot pink shade and it can be called a bright magenta shade.It is on the loud pink side but the pigmentation on this lipstick has surprised me.This needs one hard swipe to give you opaque coverage and lasts a long time.
The packaging is so much fun.It comes in various pretty faces named after girls “susie” “simran” and so on.I think they have some thing that will appeal to each one of you out there.The lipsticks comes in different shades and finishes.The spell bound shade was on the sheer side but this one turned out very opaque.So I am quite happy.
The finish of the lipstick is almost semi matte but it is not drying or rough or hard.It is not a powder matte.It is a nice soft but not so creamy kind of a texture.It wont melt or break easily but still works fine to deliver what it has.
What I did not like slighly is it might feelit drags on the lips since it is not so creamy.It might leave a slight stain as well but apart from that it will not bleed or run but it works nicely for a4 plus hours on me.It does not need a lip liner too, it stays put.

Overall a nice average lipstick at a great price.If you are looking for a bright hot pink at a great price..this is for you.


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8 thoughts on “Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick – 11 Pink Passion

  1. omg.. *jai ho* *jai ho* I so wanna get pink lippys now.. *preen*
    such tricky shade neha n u pulled off with such ease n it just looks like million bucks on ur flawless pouts gosh.. *jai ho* *jai ho*

  2. good morning neha di…i totally loved the shade *drool* ..for the people like me, who keep on hunting *jogging* for new shades and want to try latest stuff, this is perfec *clap* t..and every lip swatch of yours is just awesome… *jai ho*

  3. Best lipstick I’ve tried so far. This has become my favorite.
    i have #02 very vampire #11 pink passion n #25 pink persuation
    n dis one is D best i just love it

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