Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick – Berrylicious

Streetwear Ultra Moist Color Rich Lipstick – Berrylicious

Product claims:

Give your lips a smacking look courtesy this lipstick from Streetwear. This rich matte lip colour gives the lips a soft and supple appearance, while keeping them nourished. It glides on smoothly and gives the lips a soft and supple appearance.


Rs. 180 for 3 gm.


I picked up this one during my visit to Pune central, and when I swatched this shade, I was blown away.The pigmentation and the stark pink magenta color was amazing.Basically it was he pigmentation of this lipstick that made me pick it up.I am not a huge fan of such dark colors for everyday wear, but still the lipstick is smooth and so pigmented that it is hard to leave it .

The color is called berry and it is a berry pink.This color is creamy magenta berry kind of pink but the unique thing is that it has a lot of purple to it, it shine to a purple and silvery duochrome finish.The purple makes it a very gaudy lipstick may be apt for night and wedding parties.This color could be great for brides and for this festive season.

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The lipstick is thick and it coats the lips in one go.The color is deep and it stains a hell lot. This is my only issue with this lipstick.On many days I may not like the purple hue to it but still it is an awesome lipstick at the cost it comes in.

It lasts really long including the stain you can expect 6 plus hours of is creamy and transfers but it is not glossy but it is not drying either,dry and pigmented lips can try it for sure.If you like deeper colors, and are okay with the stain and the purple tint to it, try this, it is a super pigmented lipstick.

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