Streetwear colour Rich Nail Enamel Aqua Blue, Dusky Brown Review

Streetwear colour rich nail enamel in aqua blue 19 and dusky brown 10 reviews:

Recently I cut my nails really short and was wondering what colour enamels /paints would be a little pretty on them. I was thinking of all dark wine and gothic colours like Valentino and wine shine from Colorbar and maroon magic and truly maroon from Avon when this blue (aqua blue) shade caught my attention from my collection. I don’t usually have much blues may be just frosty blue from Avon and lagoon too which were both recent purchases. I had purchased the street wear ones last august both the dusky brown and the aqua blue for rs 45 each. I was amazed to see that even a year later these were as good as new. Dusky brown is also very close to Avon’s nail wear pro in mystic and Amway’s nail enamel metallic sand. And probably Amway’s latest ginger fizz too. Coming to these two colours that were an impulse buy as I had to pick up some make up on a weekend.


Streetwear Nail Paint


Streetwear Nail Paint

Streetwear Nail Paint

Street wear color rich nail enamel in aqua blue: These nail paints are probably I tinier and affordable version of the bigger flatter bottles of street wear nail paints that coasted 75 rs long back and are still available her and there. I pretty much disliked both the packaging the newer smaller as well as the older flatter bottles. I have to agree though that the quality was always good whatever the quantity or the price. 🙂

 aqua blue

dusky brown


This particular shade in aqua blue is a very “in trend color I believe after the neon nail paint craze. However im still not as comfortable wearing bright colours as im wearing the peaches and browns and pinks and roses. If I were to sum up this particular aqua blue:

• A very pretty light blue with a silvery sheen to it
• No chunky glitter
• Just very mild shimmer
• High shine finish
• Average brush (no complaints)
• Average packaging
• Sturdy cap
• Shelf life of almost four years
• Not very opaque in one stroke
• Goes opaque in around three strokes
• Stays decent for three days with two coats at least without chipping
• Very reasonably priced at rs 45 for 5 ml(when I got it)
• Great quantity as doesn’t let u get bored of it or dry up either
• As good as new even after a year
• It’s a shade lighter than Avon’s blue shock
• If u like blues on ur nails, u will definitely love this
• I love the over all shine finish of it
• Over all great product and a beautiful color for a good value

dusky brown

Color rich nail enamel in dusky brown
I love this color out of all my street wear nail paints old and new. This is an awesome shiny mix of golden beige and brown I guess. It looks equally good on fair or dusky skin. To sum up the shade:

• Beautiful high shine brown color
• Mild shimmer
• Goes opaque in one stroke
• Stays good for three days with two coats
• Ideal for office wear
• Average brush (no complaints)
• Average packaging
• Sturdy cap
• Shelf life of almost four years
• Very reasonably priced at rs 45 for 5 ml(when I got it)
• Great quantity as doesn’t let u get bored of it or dry up either
• As good as new even after a year
• Love the overall finish of this
• Over all , love love love the color for the price(I should have got a back up) 🙂

dusky brown , aqua blue

aqua blue nail paint

Dusky Brown Nail Paint

So which streetwear color rich nail enamels have you tried yet?

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74 thoughts on “Streetwear colour Rich Nail Enamel Aqua Blue, Dusky Brown Review

  1. i recently discovered streetwear counter. I am so picking them up. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: boith of them look so gorgous :inlove: and you nails neha.. love :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

  2. wow ……nice colors …same dusky brown is there in maybelline colorama ..
    i bght it of Rs 85 …..luv the shade :happydance:

  3. hi neha, i am liking the blue a lot though as a rule i always wear only matte nail paints coz i feel the frosted ones do not suit my hands as much 😐

  4. I like the aqua blue one Neha…….I had one in bridal Red from streetwear…..BTW, you have put your nail polishes so tidily……. :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: :manicure: :manicure:

  5. I am liking the dusky brown shade a lot!! I have two nail paints exactly similar to the aqua blue, am bored using it, no doubt its pretty too! :thumbsup:

  6. taps actually na :chewnails i had bad bout of acne then
    and my face was red and white :chewnails
    so thats y and my skin is super oily so it keeps shining :yikes:
    and may be some colorbar foundation and blush on top of the acne
    i wish i had dry skin like u :struggle:

  7. u again chged ur dp :teddy: … its luking more gori gori pic… :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: n dusky brown is luking nice neha.. nice cute bottles these r… n ur nails luk boootiful short short too.. :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

  8. Both shades look much nicer on nails than in the bottle..have always hesitated before picking them up! Will check them out soon.

  9. I love these mini streetwear nail polishes. I’d seen this blue one, but since I recently got that blue from Avon I didn’t buy this. What I like is that they have come out with some amazing new colours & at 45 bucks they’re really affordable. I recently got something called ‘drab olive’, which is a pale, light olive with some yellow in it. Also Neha, if you like soft pinks you should try ‘rosy glow’.

  10. Hey all,

    This is shweta here..i am writing on this blog for the very first time..loved the shade dusky-brown.I have 2 more shades from the same range- mauve mist-02 & plum glaze-04. These two are also good..mauve mist is ideal for daily wear..goes well with pink, mauve,lavendar & even purple shaded dresses. plum glaze looks good on selected occasions. single coat gives you a golden -tinted pink shade which looks really fresh..2 coats give you a nice add-on for a party wear ensemble…!!


    ALL CREDIT to rati’s MakeUp & Beauty Blog.

    Keep Smiling..!!

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