Streetwear Eye Definer- White

Street Wear Eye Definer- White

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This time, I have come up with the review of an eye definer. Most of the time, I use either black or colored eye-pencils/ kajals. But recently, I saw a very interesting White Eye-Definer from Street Wear which can also be used as an eye-liner. Sometime back, I saw Faces white eye pencil review on IMBB and I was just waiting for a chance to grab one for me. But I didn’t get the one from Faces but got one from Streetwear.

streetwear eye definer white

This Eye Definer has altogether a different role to play. Most of our famous and gorgeous movie stars like “Rekha ji”, “Priyanka Chopra” are often seen with this white eye-definer glorifying their eyes almost every time and they look super stunning. I was inspired from them too. I just apply a thin fine line in my waterline and instantly it gives a refreshing look to my eyes. After the proper white definition I further line my eyes with any of my favorite colored liners or simple black Kajal. Any color looks really gorgeous with a white defining line around it. It gives a fresh and chic look to my eyes within minutes. I don’t prefer this white eye definition during daytime as its visibility is not much.


Rs. 165 for Net Wt 1.14gm.

streetwear eye definer white pencil
No ingredients are mentioned in the stick.

Shelf Life:

3 Years from manufacturing date.

My experience with Streetwear eye definer “white”:

I was thrilled when I finally found a “White” eye definer. I found Street Wear 06 White Eye Definer very impressive. Last week, I had an evening party to attend after whole day’s hard work. I was really upset because there was no way I could hide my tired eyes. It was then I used this pencil. I splashed a lot of cold fresh water to my eyes. Then I filled the waterline of my eyes with this white eye definer. Well, I was amazed to see the great transformation. It camouflaged my fatigue eyes to a great extent. After that I completed my eye make-up. I apply this white eye definer especially at night time because it highlights dark eyes. For smoky eyes too, this white eye definer gives that extra volume and punch.

streetwear eye definer white swatch
Pros of Streetwear eye definer “white”:

• Easily available and Affordable.
• Easy to use.
• Does not causes any kind of eye irritation.
• Staying power is very impressive if eyes don’t come in contact with water.
• Can be used on a regular basis.
• Gives tired eyes, an immediate freshness.
• Gives eyes a unique chic appearance.

Cons of Streetwear eye definer “white”:

• Is not water resistant, washes away with water.
• Doesn’t look prominent in daytime even when applied quite thick.
• No ingredients are mentioned.

It is really exciting to experiment with these kinds of colors. Earlier we had only black, brown. green, blue etc in the name of colored eye-liners. But not, we have a huge range of color for eye-shadows.

Will I repurchase?

Yes, of course, I shall buy it again when available at such a low price. This white eye definer is a real good solution for my tired eyes especially when I have to attend any occasion after a tiresome day.

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