Streetwear FX Eyeshadow in Groovy Baby Review

Streetwear FX Eyeshadow in Groovy Baby Review

I have always been on the lookout for that perfect eyeshadow to use as a highlighter for the inner contour of the eye – I always wonder how celebs do it, and it really opens up the eye and makes it look amazing. I was doing some online shopping a couple of months ago when I came across this. Usually, I don’t like buying single eyeshadows – I like quartets and palettes because I can easily construct a look, whereas with a single one, I get confused as to how I should use it, but this one looked too cute to pass up. I had to have it! It’s a tiny little pot that opens with a sliding cover, and has the Streetwear logo on the transparent lid.

Streetwear FX Eyeshadow in Groovy Baby Review


Rs. 110/- for 1.1 gm.

Since it is a cream eyeshadow, it feels very soft and velvety to touch. What I loved the most was the pigmentation – it’s so much even in a single swipe! I tend to use this only to line the inner corner of my eyes to highlight them, so if you ladies have any other ideas on how to use this colour, do let me know in the comments!

In real life, its a bit more golden with silver undertones in terms of colour. I tried so hard to capture the actual colour in the pic but couldn’t :/

Here is my EOTD for Diwali – I used it in this. Please ignore how faded the rest of the eyeshadow looks 😛 I took it after I came back home!

Eye Makeup

I have tried it both with my fingers and with a flat eyeliner brush (I use the edges to pick up the colour). One drawback that I found was that with a brush, I tend not to be able to pick up colour, but I am not that much of an expert with eyeshadow yet, so maybe I am doing something wrong?

Silver Eyeshadow

Other than this, I am super happy that I bought this.  I would recommend this for anyone if they want a nice bright highlighter shade in the cream variety. The packaging is also super cute and it’s very handy to slip into your purse or even a clutch if need be. The slide out packaging ensures that I can open it quickly and there’s no possibility of cracking the lid open. The only thing is that because of this, there’s no mirror attached and no sponge applicators. Honestly though, I never find those very useful, so that’s all the better. This could be a con for some though.


Pros of Streetwear FX Eyeshadow in Groovy Baby:

  • Cute packaging.
  • Great pigmentation.
  • Velvety touch.
  • Easy to apply.
  • The price!!!

Cons of Streetwear FX Eyeshadow in Groovy Baby:

  • No attached mirror or applicators.
  • Difficult to apply with a brush.

Would I Repurchase Streetwear FX Eyeshadow in Groovy Baby?

Since I don’t use this liberally, it would take quite a while for me to finish this! But yes, of course I would. Might try the other shades too.

IMBB Rating:

4/5 :* :*

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  1. Nandini…..I had one in gold…..I think the same….and I loved it…….though it costed only Rs. 80 when I bought it 🙁 I would like to have more of these 🙂

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