Street Wear Kajal Review

Street wear Kajal Review

Hi Everybody,

How is the day coming along? Today, I’m going to talk to you about my very first favorite kohl.

I started using kajal regularly only after I started going for work, that’s like for past 4 years. The reasons for not wearing before was,

1.  I was wearing specs during all my school life, also that was a Christian convent and we were not supposed to wear any makeup or jewels.
2.  I started using contact lenses during my college days. So, I was not comfortable using any makeup on my eyes.

After finishing the college, I got my vision corrected through laser treatment. Then, I had all the freedom to use kajal and other eye makeup.

I started using Shanaz Kajal as it was 100% herbal. In the meanwhile, I tried Biotique and Himalaya’s Kajals too. All of them were smudging like crazy on me. Then my friend’s cousin, who was a college gal suggested Streetwear kajal as the least smudging and best one for her budget. My friend gifted me one of that too.

From then, this has been in my makeup collection always. Then, I slowly upgraded to MAC PowerPoint pencil in Engraved. Even then, I used Streetwear Kajal on and off.

Street Wear 2

I wanted to compare its performance with Lotus kajal, my current favorite one. So, one day I applied Lotus Kajal on one eye and Street wear on the other. Then, I set both with powder. If you look at the comparison swatches, Lotus one looks like solid black and Streetwear looked like a deep brownish black, but when applied on waterline, both look almost the same. Both smudged less and faded around the same time.

So, performance wise both are same. Just for the fact that Lotus is 100% herbal, it took over the place of Streetwear kajal. Still, I would be continuing to use it once a while.



1. My first favorite kohl pencil.
2. Very affordable. You can have one in your vanity space, keep one in bag for touch up, etc.
3. Smudges proof.
4. Does not smudge. It just fades after 3-4 hrs.
5. More hygienic than traditional cone kajal packaging as we can sharpen it often.
6. It came for a pretty long time even when I used regularly.
7. Comes with a sharpener (not able to find the sharpener as I use Lakme 2-in-1 sharpener now).


1.  No mention about ingredients, not sure if it has any chemical in it.
2.  As it is a thick pencil, one may need to sharpen it often to get a thin line, but I’m okay with blunt tip for my waterline.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Recommend:

This kajal will work just fine and no big promises. If you are new to make up and want to try some less-smudging kohl, do try this one. I personally like this. Hope you too will.

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24 thoughts on “Street Wear Kajal Review

  1. This was my first kajal ever..I used to use it in school ,it comes with a free sharpner als :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

  2. This is also my first kajal. My mom bought me this in my first year at college. but the tip broke in a weird way the first few times i tried and till this day i have not been able to sharpen it with the free sharpener or with a swiss army knife. i even tried the kitchen butcher knife. i just have to sharpen it once before i throw it away after 5 years of non-use.

      1. I have glasses and rather huge number…..I wear lenses….Want to get Lasik done to atleast reduce the number…Is it perfectly safe? Daddy’s kinda worried….

  3. I have used this chubby pencil a lot! and the thinner one too…They smudged on my eyes 🙁
    And they have increased prices a lot! I remember buying a thinner pencil for 60 Rs. and then a year back when I visited India, the same one for 95 rs.

  4. i love eyliners/kohls/eye pencils..anything to do with eye liner thingies..glad to read this review as well. Nothing like having a wonderful product that works for you..have fun.

  5. Ohh…you need to tell me this!! :woot: I wear specks too!! I have been wearing specks for the past 4-5 years…contact lens don’t suit my eyes!! :specs: :waaa:
    I have tried 2-3 times..but with same result!! :waaa: :nababana:
    And I sometimes I envy my college girls who sport cool sunglasses..and I can’t wear them! 🙄 :smug: :duel:

    Hows the laser treatment? M y mum was suggesting me to do that in future..but I am a bit scared.. my age is 19 years!
    And I have used this kajal as well..some 2-3 years back! It was my go-to one then! :thumbsup:

    1. Hi Mitali, Laser treatment was good. But go for consultation in a reputed eye hospital and they’ll do a series of test and will tell you if you can go ahead with it. All the best :waytogo:

  6. this was my first kajal too..but after times of use i need to sharpen the pencil and there came the sad part..i am unable to sharp it with anything..nw it is finished 3/4 but i have used it only few times 😥

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