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Revlon has launched street wear long time ago, compared to Revlon the street wear products are easily affordable and also you will find more products of street wear in small cities too and there is huge range of products available out in market. 🙂 Today I am going to review about “street wear light wear foundation” which is water based one. I hardly wear foundation as I have a very oily and uneven skin tone, as hardly any foundation suits my skin tone. I have a lakme water based foundation which I dint like as it makes me look whitish more, so thought of going for this foundation as I saw on rack of Revlon’s contour at cosmetic store.

streetwear lightwear foundation

Shades Available:-
You get only 3 shades in this and they are, Blush01 (the one I got is for fair skin tone), natural (for whitish skin tone) and honey (for dusky skin).

Production Description:-
A light, water-based foundation that blends easily providing a smooth even look.

streetwear lightwear foundation

Rs 100 for 30ml.

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Self Life:-
36 months.

Not mentioned.

streetwear lightwear foundation review

My experience with street wear light wear foundation review:-

I have few products from street wear and I like them. But I never had a foundation of their so I thought of give it a try once and I bought blush01 shade. It is a little bit orange peachy white and even though it is water based foundation it doesn’t not blend easily and looks patchy so I have to mix little rose water and then blend it. Even thought I apply a bit it makes me look like clown. 🙁  After some time  my face turns oily soon even though I set with compact powder. It does not stay long on my face. I really didn’t like the way it makes my skin feel heavy and it comes out soon when I pat my face with tissue to remove oil from face.

pic 4

Pros of street wear light wear foundation:-
• It’s a water based foundation.
• Cheap enough.
• Available in any super mart.
• Travel friendly.
• As it has a bit thick consistency only little is required.

Cons of street wear light wear foundation:-
• Does not blend easily.
• Not for oily skin people.
• Doesn’t stay for long (even after setting with powder).
• Has only 3 shades.
• Dint like the way the foundation smells.


1. This is how the foundation down in the picture, its little bit peachy orange.

2. This is how it looks when speeded out partly, a bit whitish to look.

3. This is how it looks when it’s blended out filly, you can hardly notice the veins color but it looks peachy white more when applied on face than my hand as my hand color is bit different than compared to my face.



Would I repurchase it?
NO, as I would go for some other brand which suits my (oily) skin type.

Would I recommend?
NO, I really didn’t like the product as it looks orangey pink.

IMBB Rating:-

I am not happy that much with the coverage using this street wear light foundation water-based one, as it does not suit my skin alone when applied. It might suit normal and dry skin not oily.

I hope you all liked the review. If any of you have this foundation please do express how you feel using this foundation. 🙂

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