Streetwear Makeup Remover – Review

Streetwear Makeup Remover

Hello beautiful ladies.

After all the Holi masti and colors and waterproof makeup…All you need is a good makeup remover. And that’s what I am going to review today. There was a sale going on in my neighborhood shop on this brand  so I got many products from there, lets begin the review ……

Streetwear Makeup Remover


Rs. 120


50 Gm

Ingredients :

Water, mineral oil, isopropyl myristate, butylene glycol, glycerin, glyceryl stearate, polyoxy ethylene-20 cetyl/ stearyl ether, chamomile extract, acrylates/ C 10-30 alyl acrylate cross polymer, methyl paraben, polysorbate 20, dimethicone, propyl paraben, stearic acid, disodium EDTA, tocopheryl acetate, triethanolamine, diazolidinyl urea, d-panthenol, dipropylene glycol.

Streetwear Makeup Remover  2


It comes in very cute white and pink packaging with a flip open cap. The name of the company and other information in printed on the product itself.

What the company claims:

A gentle makeup remover cream that effectively removes makeup including waterproof and long-wearing makeup.

-non-irritating and suitable for all skin types.
– leaves no greasy residue.

Streetwear Makeup Remover  3

How to use:

Moisten a cotton ball with makeup remover cream and wipe away the makeup from the face including lips and eyes.

My experience with Streetwear Makeup Remover:

I wanted a decent makeup remover after my previous one got over and so I got this one. In terms of the work it’s supposed to do, it does a pretty decent job. It removes all traces of makeup including those tedious eyeliners which last all day and refuse to get removed from your face. My only problem is with the ingredients. It contains parabens, mineral oil and dimethicones. Many of the makeup removers today are there without these controversial ingredients and the least the brand could have done was some research. I think I will switch back to my Fab India lavender cleanser after this gets over.

Streetwear Makeup Remover swatch test

Pros of Streetwear Makeup Remover:

-Does a pretty good job at what it’s supposed to do i.e. removing makeup.
– Cheap and decent quantity.
– Contains chamomile extract which soothes the skin.
– Leaves no residue
-Very calming on the skin.
-Suitable for all skin types.


Streetwear Makeup Remover swatch test 1

Cons of Streetwear Makeup Remover:

-Contains parabens, mineral oil and dimethicones.

Overall verdict: –

These days a lot of importance is given to the list of ingredients of a product which is a very good thing. Earlier  I didn’t bother about reading the ingredients but after I started reading IMBB, I got to know the importance of ingredients in any products. It might be a good makeup remover, but it contains controversial ingredients which cause harm to the skin.

IMBB rating:

3/5 (3 for the effective removal of makeup but -2 for the ingredients.)

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        1. i completed my graduation this year and got through i am new to the job world as well..imbb provides me some color in this boring government job 😛

  1. i wanted to try this but i was not sure due to the company and now i am sure that i will skip it 🙂 thanks for the review mily

  2. i love fabindia’s lavender cleanser. I think I myself got very informed about the ingredients etc after i started imbb. feels good! 😀 good review. 🙂

    1. rati…i will use this forum to say thank you to you…you not only provide us with amazing reviews about products we wouldnt have used otherwise but also teach us that its very important to learn about what you put on your skin!! 🙂

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