Streetwear Mineral Blush-Pink Rosette

Streetwear Mineral Blush-Pink Rosette

A blusher with a smooth brush applicator and glitter elements for a smooth, even tone which also brightens your face. Bask in the sparkle of the blusher and the compliments it’s sure to bring!

streetwear mineral blush pink rosette

I happened to remember this blush that I had got online a while ago when I saw some mineral blushes posts on IMBB. This blush is an affordable take on the Loreal Blush Minerals and a great way to start with some mineral makeup and see how it agrees with you 🙂

streetwear mineral blush pink rosette (5)

The blush is a powder mineral blush priced at Rs. 525 which I think is a little too much from Streetwear but I think this is owing to the mineral factor. The applicator is a sponge one which you can swirl on the cheeks. I dread the fact that it will be a great breeding ground for acne bacteria.The sponge picks up really less amount of the product and you might be mistaken that there is not color to the cheeks and end up using a lot of the blush :/

streetwear mineral blush pink rosette (3)

The shade is a stunning soft pink with silver shimmer, almost glitter. This is a major turn off for me, I would absolutely not want silver shimmer with a light pink blush on my cheeks. This makes it a strict night wear blush and the pink could have been pure matte, anyway, in that case it would have been a big hit for me.

You need to really tap the blush to get some on the sponge. Plus there is little control on what goes on. Due to the shade, I tend to keep on applying it and end up with glitter flying here and there.The shimmer is really OTT and it could be used as a body shimmer honeslty. I wish it were matte only sans the silver shimmer!

streetwear mineral blush pink rosette

Like you would see, the blush does not show up and the shimmer flies here and there when you apply, landing on you hair and eyelashes. That really puts me off! the staying power is quite poor on my oily skin honestly.

streetwear mineral blush pink rosette (4)


Pretty shade of of soft pink.
Mineral makeup.
Great to layer on for party wear.


The sponge can be disastrous for acne prone skin.
Need to pick up a lot due to the color and the sponge applicator
Glitter and shimmer puts me off.
The shimmer is really over the top.
Staying power is quite poor on oily skin.

Last word:

This color is great if you can escape the shimmer somehow. The blush is better applied with a brush after tapping some powder in the cap. The pink is so pretty that I would have loved it if it did not have that shimmer in it.Overall, it is a little over priced as well and does not show up well too.

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