Streetwear Nail Paint Remover Review

Street Wear Nail Colour Remover Review

When I spotted this cute pink bottle in the shop I couldn’t resist myself and in spite of having many nail polish remover pads and liquid I got this cute tiny bottle. The bottle is a transparent one with a pink lid and pink nail polish remover, which makes the whole bottle look like a pink one. As we all know Street Wear belongs to Revlon and I have never hesitated to buy anything from this brand for the reason that they are pocket friendly and at the same time the product works well.

streetwear nail paint remover

The 50ml bottle costs Rs.65 and I think the price is reasonable.

After opening the lid, the bottle has a tiny hole at the top and I place the cotton and tilt the bottle upside down once or twice to wet the cotton. When I rubbed it on my nail polish I realized I needed more amount of the remover. So I added another 2-3 drops and made the cotton pad a little wet. This helps in removing the nail polish in one hand. For the other hand I need another 5-6 drops so that the nail polish comes off completely. The polish gets removed completely without affecting the nails in anyway so I was glad that it didn’t have any other con.

streetwear nail paint remover

Likes of Streetwear Nail Paint Remover

• Comes in a pretty pink tiny bottle. I love the packaging.
• Very light and thus can be carried along.
• Does not spill.
• Easily available.
• Not very expensive.
• Does not damage my nails in anyway.
• Smells good. No strong smell!!!

Dislikes of Streetwear Nail Paint Remover

• Need a lot of remover every time. Product gets over pretty fast as I need lot of remover every time.
• The remover evaporates pretty quickly leaving the cotton dry.
• Though I love the packaging many won’t, as the plain bottle has just a transparent sheet with all the letters and instructions in it. This sheet can be easily peeled off. This is not at all a con for me, as once I remove the plastic covering I can use it for storing something else.

My Rating – :-* :-* :-* :-*

Will I Repurchase – Yes, I really like this nail polish remover. Though I have my other nail polish removers along with the excellent ELF Nail Enamel Remover Pads which comes more handy than this bottle, I love this one.

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28 thoughts on “Streetwear Nail Paint Remover Review

  1. aarthi , this is my mostest fav remover …… its so soft on nails .. but it does get over pretttttyyyy quick 🙂

  2. Wow.. so cute bottle. :worship: :worship: .. im using my Avon ka Remover. :smug: :smug: :smug: . wo bhi bahut Cute hai.. 😀 😀 :puchhi: :puchhi:

  3. I have used this at friend’s place once and it worked quite well. Wonder why I totally forgot about it. I’ll buy this one only next. I am so bored of my lakme remover :yawn: :yawn: Thank you for teh review, Aarthi. :-*

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