Streetwear Pink Champagne Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Review

Streetwear Pink Champagne Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick

This is my second pick from the ‘Ultra moist lipstick’ range, and I am totally loving these .Indeed I bought them for review, but the shades are really unique and break the monotony of pinks, oranges or fuchsia lipsticks. All the shades in this range are very wearable. Read on to find more about the shade.



Give your lips a smacking look courtesy this lipstick from Street wear. This rich matte lip colour gives the lips a soft and supple appearance, while keeping them nourished. It glides on smoothly and gives the lips a soft and supple appearance.


INR 180.


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The packaging of these lipsticks is the only thing a girl would notice and hop for these. Though simple but the beautiful pictures of ‘Color Rich Divas’ made on the transparent cap, makes it look very girly and attractive, the cap closes tightly. The bullet is black in color and the bullet’s head is jutting out of the tube, and you are sure to damage the bullet once or even thrice while closing the cap. Though all over the packaging looks attractive, but is kind of a plastic-ky and seems fragile, well, can’t expect better than that for the price.



My Take on Streetwear Pink Champagne Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick:


The shade ‘pink champagne’ is a pretty frosty champagne color, with pink undertones to it, very true to its name. The shade is very neutral, a true MLBB color. The color can go with every skin tone, especially cooler or fair skin tones, but I will suggest dark skin tones to stay away from this color, as the color will not show up on Indian skin tones. A very wearable shade for everyday, especially to office and colleges, and if you’re a true n*de lover, this will be an apt color for you.

Texture & Finish:

The bullet seems to be hard and intact, but the lipstick is pretty creamy and smooth in texture, it feels very light-weight on lips. It glides effortlessly on the lips without tugging. They aren’t super hydrating on lips but are not very drying either , and even if you have dry lips it works great. It won’t let your lips feeling very dry or parched as soon if fades away from lips or neither it does emphasize patchy lips. The lipstick gives a creamy matte finish on the lips; the frost in this shade is hardly noticeable.


All the colors of this range vary in pigmentation and  formula, some are sheer, some are extremely opaque and some are build-able. And like ‘Hot Ginger’, this shade too falls in the category of build-able color. The pigmentation is not opaque in 1 swipe, but it’ll cover the flaws of lips in 2 swipes, more can 2 swipes can make the color feel a little cakey on lips. But the color doesn’t have the required opacity in it, so pigmented lips can avoid this shade.

Staying power:

The lipstick has a very average staying power; the color lasted on my lips for 2.5 hours without eating anything, you can drink water or sip tea or coffee with it, but eating heavy would fade the color.



Pros of Streetwear Pink Champagne Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick :

• A very pretty champagne color with pinkish hue to it, very true to its name.
• A very apt MLBB or n*de lipstick for nu*e lipstick lovers.
• Totally, a wearable shade for everyday, perfect to wear for office and college.
• For the pocket-friendly price, the texture is pretty smooth and creamy up to some extent.
• Application is very easy; it glides smoothly on the lips, without tugging.
• Packaging looks very girly and eye-catching.
• The formula is pretty much moisturizing; it won’t exaggerate or dry out lips.

Cons of Streetwear Pink Champagne Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick:

• The color has average to buildable pigmentation, which needs to be layered in 2 swipes.
• More than 2 layers, the color would feel little cakey on the lips.
• The color is very neutral, and hence will not show up on most skin tones.
• The name suggests ‘moist’, but the formula is not up to that level.



Would I Recommend Streetwear Pink Champagne Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick?

Yes, cooler skin tones and the beauties who love neutral lip colors can surely go for this color. I am not saying that the color would wash out any skin tone, it’s definitely a pretty, girly shade, but the color is so neutral that it won’t show up on most of the Indian skin tones. Whenever I would feel the need of buying a perfect n*de lipstick for me, I’ll surely think of this shade.

IMBB Rating:


Hope you find my review helpful .

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