Streetwear Rich Matte Lipstick: French Rose

Streetwear Rich Matte Lipstick: French Rose

Hi Ladies!

I did a major Streetwear haul last month and was delighted to see so many wearable shades. I did a review on Mauve Alert recently, again a very wearable shade in a soft mauve with silver shimmer. Today’s shade is Frech rose, which I think is a good name for it since it is a light soft rose pink with glaze in it.
streetwear rich matte lipstick french rose

The shade does not have any obvious shimmer but it does have a glaze in it. It has almost invisible shimmer to it but mainly it is a sheer, glazy, light rose pink. I would say it can be a close call to your nude pink lipstick and can look very natural sheer.
streetwear lipstick french rose

I personally don’t like sheer lippies, I like deep creamy pigmented shades even though it might be a lighter one!This lipstick is exactly opposite to what I described. This is sheer, light , and not at all matte. The finish of the lippy is soft sheen with glaze, it might look glossy and can look great with a light glaze.
streewear rich matte french rose lipstick3
streetwear french rose lipstick swatch

The lipstick has a major con of being quite hard. The lipstick on its own is not creamy or soft, it feels hard and stiff and when you swipe it on and on, some layer would show up after at least three swipes and so would some color. Mainly it is a light sheer rosy pink lipstick.

streetwear rich matte lipstick french rose2

Considering the shade and texture, the lasting power is poor as well. It would be on your lips for two hours and the sheen would go off sooner than this. But what I liked is that the pinkish tint remained giving my lips a very natural feel. Again, the lipstick feels very light on the lips. You can compare it to a tinted lip balm.

streetwear french rose lipstick lotd

Last word:
A light , sheer, glazy, rose pink lipstick can be great for office and day wear, remember the texture is hard and will need more than a couple of swipes.

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16 thoughts on “Streetwear Rich Matte Lipstick: French Rose

  1. I caught hold of this quite recently but my lippy is thankfully regular-kinds soft rather than hard!
    I hate the smell though!!!
    p.s. which lipliner are u using here?

  2. It’s such a pretty colour. And it looks lovely on your lips, Neha! I’d have considered this one but I hate hard lipsticks. ๐Ÿ˜

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