Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip Color – Pinkaboo

Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip Color – Pinkaboo

Hello Girls,

I’m here with the review of “Street Wear Satin Smooth “ lip color. I had read plenty of reviews about this lip color range and had an eye on them. Being very reasonably priced and named trendily, this found a place in my vanity pouch.

Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip Color Pinkaboo

Product Description:

Street Wear Satin Smooth Lip Color glides on lips effortlessly, stays long and makes you feel comfortable. It works well and keeps the lips soft and supple. Helps smoothen, soften, protect and hydrate your lips and adds a luminous shine to your lips. You will get a satin smooth finish!



Rs. 220 for 4.2 gm.  I brought it on a 15% discount from the online stores.



Not listed.

Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip Color – Pinkaboo:

“Pinkaboo” is a beautiful pink shade which is subtle and not a candy pink.  Now, about the packaging, the lipstick comes in a purple plastic case with the name of the shade written on the corner edge of the case. The packing is very flimsy and the cap is not firm and opens very easily. So, I am sceptical taking it around in my handbag or my little pouch. The texture is supposed to be satin smooth as the product claims, but it is not as smooth as a satin. There is no glossy/shiny finish. It is a matte look that you get.


The color is not greatly pigmented. A single swipe will not be enough to cover the pigmentation.  Two or three swipes are required and it is not moisturizing at all. I felt my lips becoming dry and chapped. Not even a hint of soft, supple and hydrating qualities.  So, I need a moisturizing lip balm before I put this super drying lipstick on.


The staying power is barely 2 hours with minimal eating and drinking. You got to keep layering it up, then and there. As time goes, the lipstick settles into the fine lines and looks horrible on chapped lips.

There are no ingredients mentioned anywhere, neither on the product itself or on the websites and I am sceptical about using such a lipstick.

All I like is the shade and the smell of the lipstick and nothing else. I had a chocolate brown shade from the Street Wear Moisture Rich range, which turned out sticky like wax, as days passed.  I had used it for only 3 months and threw it away recently, though I loved the shade. Now, I will not pick anything from Street Wear.

Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip Color – Pinkaboo:

  • Beautiful shade that gives you a subtle look.
  • Less expensive and easily available.

Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip Color – Pinkaboo:

  • Cheap packaging.
  • No ingredients listed.
  • Low pigmentation and staying power.
  • No smooth or hydrating properties as claimed.
  • Settles into fine lines.

Will I Repurchase Streetwear Satin Smooth Lipstick – Pinkaboo?


IMBB Rating:


Overall, this is a big NO-NO for girls with dry lips and if you are okay to use a product by not knowing the list of ingredients, then you can go for it. I was waiting for this lipstick to be delivered, so that I can check out the quality and order a few other color variants from the same range, but it’s a big disappointment.  I may keep it aside to use when I go for an evening walk or for grocery shopping.

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18 thoughts on “Streetwear Satin Smooth Lip Color – Pinkaboo

  1. i have this shade from street wear, and i am absolutely loving it , havent dried my lips at all , and it gives a rosy nautral color to your lips. Although the fades out after 2-3 hrs. But i will still repurchase this.

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