Streetwear Stay On 3-in-1 Makeup Review

Streetwear Stay On 3-in-1 Makeup Review

Hi Everyone,

Today, I will be reviewing the Streetwear Stay On 3-in-1 makeup.

I’d been looking for a cheap yet effective concealer since I invest heavily in compacts and foundations. Since I don’t have a lot of blemishes on my face, I thought it would be a waste to invest in expensive concealers when all I need is to cover those occasional dark circles due to sleepless nights (and occasional spots :P)

Streetwear Stay on 3 in 1 Makeup

That is when the SA introduced me to the Streetwear’s 3-in-1 make-up. It is a concealer, foundation and compact all rolled into one (apparently).  This comes in a lipstick sort of packaging and according to the SA, can be applied all over the face. Even though I like the whole concept of a 3-in-1 makeup in this tiny attractive tube that is easy to carry and use, I did not find it suitable to be applied for the entire face. The appearance is quite cakey that way, but it makes a pretty effective concealer.

The finish is not patchy if you apply it directly on a moisturized face (only on blemishes and dark circles) and finish it up with a compact over it. But if you pair it with a foundation cream, it tends to look a bit patchy and dry. This has no SPF and therefore a sunscreen is required and the face should be well moisturized.  The concealer effect is pretty long-lasting. I wear it in the morning and it stays put till evening. It finishes pretty well, but makes the face a little shiny during hot days.


I have had this product for more than 5 months now and still have a lot of it left, but I have a friend who uses it on the entire face everyday and she used it up within four months. It doesn’t make her face shiny, so I guess it depends on the skin type.

Like most of the “Stay On” range products by Streetwear, I find this cheap and effective for the price. If you are not looking for a concealer/foundation that is too expensive but with good coverage, this is perfect for you. The packaging is great and easy to use.  You can rub it on the face directly from the tube and just blend it out with the fingers. It blends pretty well too. I like the tube a lot, where you can roll the makeup in and out like a lipstick.

It comes in 3-4 shades to match the skin colour. I think “Natural” (the shade that I own) should match most of the wheatish-coloured Indian skins. If you are fairer than that, you can go for “Buff” shade as well.


Rs. 450/- for 8 gm.

You can see the swatches below:


Swatch 2

Here are some of the pros and cons of this product:

Pros of Streetwear Stay On 3-in-1 Makeup:

  • Great packaging, easy to carry around and use.
  • Blends well, can be used effectively for daily, casual use (if you are not going big on the foundation :P).
  • Good coverage.
  • Long-lasting effect.
  • Cheap and cost-effective. This is a great product for small and casual outings, when you don’t have to be camera perfect, yet cover up small blemishes.

Cons of Streetwear Stay On 3-in-1 Makeup:

  • Slightly patchy when used with a strong foundation.
  • Can look cakey if used as a compact/foundation on the entire face, best as a concealer.
  • No SPF.

I use this concealer mainly when I’m just hanging out with friends or running small errands and I don’t feel like putting heavy makeup on. I just dab this on my blemishes and dark circles, use a compact over it, and head out. It is easy to carry in your small clutch as well.  So, this is kind of a must-have-for-emergencies-or-casual-outings product for me.

IMBB Rating:

I would like to give this a 4/5 since it is my handy concealer and affordable (since most concealers range over Rs.600/-).


This is my to-go concealer when I don’t need too much makeup on, so I always like to have this in my collection.

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20 thoughts on “Streetwear Stay On 3-in-1 Makeup Review

  1. i think its not rati’s review :toothygrin: i use streetwear for its nail polishes.. cheap and colorful.. :teddy: this sure sounds like a promising product… loved d review :teddy:

  2. I also checked it the other day as I’m looking for one…..I liked it as well but want to check the color bar concealer too before I buy one….nicely reviewed….indeed a good one :teddy: :teddy:

    1. you can blend it with fingers…it is pretty thick so i doubt a sponge will work…it in not an ideal “3 in 1” makeup but works great as a concealer…

  3. the 3 in 1 has never worked for me though its extremely handy and i so wish sometimes these easy comfy techniques worked for me. when i am travelling i have to carry a separate concealer, foundation and compact :headbang: :headbang: . for office i carry just the compact. :stars:

    1. no it actually works very well on my dark circles…just moisturize well and it blends in perfectly for me 🙂 but i dont have much dark dark circles, so i guess it depends 🙂

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