Streetwear True Color Blush – Peachy Sheen

Streetwear True Color Blush – Peachy Sheen

Product Features:

A one stroke Blush with shimmer for Perfect Radiance
Smooth and easy to blend
A blusher with a smooth brush applicator and glitter elements for a smooth, even tone which also brightens your face. Bask in the sparkle of the blusher and the compliments it’s sure to bring!
Powder based blusher with glitter elements and metallic tones
Blends evenly with the skin tone
Has a soft applicator


Price:INR 425

I picked this and another Pure plum shade online on some sale, both turned out to be super shimmery blushes but somehow the color and packaging is kind of appealing. this is so silvery shimmer based that it makes it ideal for dry skin and night wear and parties and this could be disastrous for open pores and oily skin.


The packaging is a nice matte silver and it has this pretty functional flat and fluffy brush, the pack also comes with a nice small mirror in the non-transparent section of the lid of the blush, so I would say both the brush and the mirror are super useful if you don’t like to carry blush brushes and mirror in your bag, well mirror you must carry any way 😛

The color is exactly what it is named, it is a peachy sheen one, it is mild peach and it has this silver sheen, it is loaded with silver shimmer so when you spread it out, it looks less color and psychologically what I can see is silver shimmer with distributes on the skin.


The texture is nothing great, it is just enough to sweep it on the brush, you can pick it up with ease, I dont see any extra chalky powder flying neither is way too soft that would loose a lot of powder when swirled across. I wish it were softer.


My problem is that as much as I love the color, I dont like the shimmer to settle on my skin, so in case you have dry skin and pore less skin, you may try this, this would suit all warm skin tones, cooler tones can skip it.You can look at 3-4 hours of wear out of this without any stains, if you have dry skin.

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11 thoughts on “Streetwear True Color Blush – Peachy Sheen

  1. a subtle shimmer like in bourjois lilas D’Or is nice but not this *headbang* but great review make even a steetwear blush sound like NARS blushes! *hihi* *hihi*

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