Stretch Marks and Dark Under Arms Cure : Ask IMBB Gang

I have lot of stretch marks on the back of my arms and not able to wear sleeveless because of this .Please suggest me some effective home remedy for this.I have heard that the body shop stretch marks cream is good but didn’t get to know the details. I also have dark under arms , please tell me some remedies for it. Is there any good cream you get from the pharmacy to lighten the under arms and get rid of stretch marks?

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  1. All Ive heard so far regarding stretch marks is that you cannot make them go completely. It can be lightened by using cocoa butter creams and bio-oil. I personally used bio-oil and it did help a lot but this is not available in India 🙁 Also it is necessary to keep your skin highly moisturized always.

    Dark underarms- try waxing and avoid shaving [is all i know :silly: ] Citrus juice like lemon and also scrubs will help 🙂

  2. hi thank you so much for the post..have you guys heard about the body shop focus stretch mark cream?i have heard very good reviews about it and planning to get it this coming weekend 😛 :-X :-)) if any other cream effective for stretch marks please do let me know..

    1. Priyanka, Cocoa butter is said to help you get rid of the stretch marks. You can consider picking up palmer’s cocoa butter or the body shop’s cocoa butter.

      You can also squeeze the vitamin e tablets and apply them directly on your marks.

      If you can get hold of bio oil (not available in India), that would be great.

      Keep your skin moisturized as much as you can so that you don’t get any further marks. 🙂

  3. So sweet of u Rati.. probably i will get lotus anti tan gel.. As i am staying away from home its difficult for me to get curd and lemon

  4. Hey Priyanka,
    I have tried Bio-oil, and to be honest it’s just a very expensive mineral oil (the same stuff that put in a blender and stuffed into every cheap cold cream). I am not sure about it’s moisturizing properties, but it did help me even out stuff. I am guessing this was mainly because I paid so much for it and made sure I kept up with a regimen.

    To reduce stretch marks (and even skin tone and reduce cellulite), exfoliate in the shower, with a scrub (Everyuth’s Walnut Scrub is great for this) and then follow with a super moisturizing lotion. Cocoa butter will work great after exfoliation. Do this about thrice a week. It worked for me, it will work for you. But be patient seeing results takes time.

    Also, my bff had nasty pigmentation on her legs, which practically disappeared with the use of Coconut oil. Make sure you massage with pure coconut oil (she used Parachute) and I am sure it will help!

    Good luck and don’t stress. Almost all of us deal with these issues :)) Let me know what works for you!

  5. …and please don’t shy from wearing sleeveless tops! Not one person I know has perfect, unblemished, skin or bodies. I’m not saying I’m surrounded by ugly people :P, but rather by beautifully confident ones 😀

  6. Well even i have lots of stretch marks at the back of my leg..!
    Honestly i dont prefer wearing skirts and short capri though i love them. Most of the time people embarass me by funnily asking whats wrong with my legs.. 🙁

  7. i hve a lot of strech marks on my tummy…i feel really embarassed to see them:( so wat shud i do to reduce them?? is there any home remedy for this?

  8. i hve a lot of strech marks on my tummy…i feel really embarassed to see them. so wat shud i do to reduce them?? is there any home remedy for this?

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