Stretch Marks- Causes

stretch marksStretch Marks- Causes

Stretch marks, is one problem which is faced by all women belonging to every and any age group. The causes for stretch marks are different for different women.

This article shall take you through all such causes for stretch marks. Stretch marks certainly occur due to sudden weight gain, or weight loss or pregnancy because with the occurrence of these the dermis layer of the skin tears up. Not just this the dermis and the collagen fibers in the skin completely rupture and the area looks like striped or cracked.

Stretch marks are also referred to striae distensae in the medical world.

Stretch marks often surface over night, like today there are not there and tomorrow they are very much visible. This is mainly because it originates at the dermis layer of the skin and gradually surface. If the dermis layer supports the growth and stretch in the skin stretch marks do not surface, but if it doesn’t intense stretch marks come up. The darker skin tones face the real problem by the appearance of stretch marks.

Stretch marks can also be referred as scars of overstretched skin. The actual reason or cause for stretch marks is supposedly the hormones. Hormonal influences cause stretch marks.

Now how is that possible?

When a person gains weight, hormones are produced and these hormones are metabolized by the body’s fat cells. Hormones generally resemble cholesterol and fat, hence when a person loses or gains weight it shows up on the skin and body hormones.

Stretch marks are caused due to an increase in the movement of glucocorticoids which is a hormone. Glucocorticoids is veiled by the adrenal glands positioned at the upper part of the kidneys.

With an increase in the level of secretion of glucocorticoids during pregnancy and adolescence, stretch marks surface.
New Stretch marks can also appear as red lines or slightly purple ones on the skin, which become pale or silvery over a period of time. This is caused by the bleeding and breaking up of the micro blood vessels.

They are generally found on the legs, stomach, buttocks, and breasts, this doesn’t not mean that they cannot be seen or develop anywhere else.

Stretch marks primarily have two causes: physical and hormonal.

Stretch marks can also be a result of extreme stretching of the skin. This extreme stretching is a result of gaining weight in snap of time. Stretching causes the minuscule skin fibers to split and possibly there is no remedy known for the repair of these fibers.

stretch marksSome reasons for stretch marks:

• Pregnancy
• Augmentation spurs in growing girls and boys
• Rapid or sudden weight loss or gain
• Body building
• Depression
• Prolonged lack of nutrition
• Crush diets
• Obesity
• Cushing’s syndrome
• Steriod therapy
• Pseudo cushing syndrome which is caused by alcohol
• Pituitary tumors
• Abuse of cortisone contained skin creams
• Environmental changes
• Hormonal changes
• Some medicines and medication
• Certain brands of contraceptives

Stretch marks are faced by most of the women who are pregnant in the later trimesters or the ones who have had their babies. This happens due to the stretch in skin.

Can I Get Stretch Marks?

Well, here are some points which will help you determine this:
* If you had stretch marks before during puberty (on your breasts specifically) you are prone to get stretch marks whilst being pregnant.
* If you had/ have stretch marks during pregnancy you are bound to get them again.
* If you are overweight you will have stretch marks during pregnancy or otherwise.
* If your skin is not hydrated and nourished you will have stretch marks sooner or later..

Apparently Stress causes the destruction of protein which thereby results in stretch marks. Mark this; your skin composes of 98% protein. Collagen and elastin are the most vital structural proteins which tend to get destroyed by the stress hormone cortisol. Stress also results in premature aging of the skin resulting in stretch marks and wrinkles form.

The treatments and home remedies for stretch marks are coming soon!!! 🙂

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