10 Diet Tips To Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

We tend to store extra fat in different parts of the body – around the organs (visceral fat), under the abdominal muscles, also in the muscles which is intramuscular fat, and most importantly, fat that gets stored right under the skin (subcutaneous fat). Out of all these, subcutaneous fat is considered to be stubborn because it is extremely hard to get rid of such fat. Lipolysis (fat breakdown) and lipid oxidation (burning of fat) takes place at a much slower rate when it comes to stubborn fat. Everyone has certain fat pockets in their body which are hard to get rid of, and in a majority, it’s around the belly, upper arms and thigh area. Some people often have stubborn fat around the chin too which makes it difficult for them to lose their double chin even when they have got rid of all the fat from the rest of their body. We know how frustrating it is when you have lost so many kilograms but those five pounds of stubborn fat doesn’t come off at all. It is quite a task to get rid of abdominal fat and one reason behind this is that it can bounce back faster than you think. If you have stubborn fat on your belly, arm or thigh area, here are some ways to reduce it, but do remember, routine physical activity is also important to get rid of all forms of fat, particularly stubborn fat.

Diet Tips To Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

1. Green Tea: One of the best ways to boost your weight loss process is to have green tea at least once a day. Make it a routine to have a cup of green tea without sugar. If you cannot handle the taste, you can add honey for flavor. You can throw in some mint leaves too for additional taste. Drinking it an hour before meals can help you get rid of belly fat.

2. Chia seeds: Packed with the goodness of fiber, Chia seeds have loads of omega-3 fatty acids. If you do not eat salmon, this is the best alternative in the market. Soak a spoon full of chia seeds in a glass of room temperature water and drink it after the seeds bubble up. It keeps you full for a long time which will stop you from snacking at wrong hours and over-eating food. If you have a tough time having the seeds soaked in water, you can add coconut water and drink it. You can also make chia seed pudding and consume it as a dessert.

3. Eat More Water: It may sound funny, but by this, we mean, have more water-dense food, eat more cucumbers, melons, tomatoes and lettuce. These vegetables and fruits contain high amount of water which will not get you bloated and prevent you from gaining weight. You will notice that a diet with these few vegetables would help reduce the weight that has been sticking around in your body from a long time.

4. Get rid of Sugar: No more processed and refined sugar, please! Replace the sugar in your kitchen with honey or jaggery. Once you stop consuming sugar in any form for 30 days, you will notice the difference in your body and skin too. Also, do not fall for products like sugar-free cubes, stevia, sugar-free processed food, sugar-free sugar, etc., because they still have sugar in one form or the other. Just stick to the good old jaggery or honey.

5. Follow a Healthy Weight Loss Diet: Following a good weight loss diet like Rati Beauty diet would help you lose extra weight as well as inches off the waist. Download the Rati Beauty app for more details.

6. Ginger: This ingredient is just magical. Having ginger tea or simply ginger water once a day can do so much to melt away stubborn fat. Other than this, it is great for health too. You can have cinnamon ginger water too. Also, one can add some ginger to drinking water and sip little by little through the day. You can do the same with cucumbers or lemon slices too.

7. Boost Metabolism: To lose weight at a faster pace, your metabolism needs to be really high and robust. Revving up your metabolism is one sure-shot way to lose weight because once the metabolism becomes sluggish, dropping the extra pounds and flab becomes an uphill task. As we all know, metabolism is the engine that torches up calories and helps body use up fat storage. So, here are “9 Ways to Speed up Metabolism to Lose Weight.”

8. Cook your Own Meals: When we cook our own meals, it is easy to get into a calorie deficit by cutting down extra calories that may otherwise creep through unhealthy ingredients and high-fat cooking oil. Find out which meal plan will trigger weight loss – follow the Rati Beauty diet for more details.

9. Get a Good Dose of Probiotics: Probiotics contain friendly bacteria that reside in the small intestine and these colonies of friendly bacteria extract nutrients from the digested food and release it into the blood. When the good bacterial flora is disrupted with the invasion of bad bacteria, it creates an imbalance and nutrients and vitamins are not efficiently extracted from the food. This disruption in the digestive system is called as “dysbiosis,” which is an imbalance microbial ecosystem in the intestine. This dysbiosis is linked to weight gain and obesity. When probiotics supply friendly bacteria to the gut maintain, weight loss happens at a good pace. Here’s a list of the “10 Best Probiotics” that one can include in their diet.

10. Cover Half of your Plate with Vegetables: Cover half of your plate with vegetables so that there is little room for high-calorie food. This way, you would not miss out on the vitamins and other nutrients either. Most veggies are extremely low in calories but they are extremely filling. They nourish the body with vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, protein, minerals, necessary to synthesize essential hormones and enzymes that boost weight loss. Though healthy foods should be taken in limited amount, fresh vegetables are an exception, which you can eat as much as you can and rarely get into a calorie surplus! Diet experts recommend getting 2 to 3 servings of vegetables each day and here are “9 interesting ways to eat more vegetables for weight loss.

Try these home remedies right away to see an amazing change in your body.

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