14 Stunning Looks Inspired by Rati for Valentine’s Day

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The Valentine’s Day is here. Most of us are gearing up to surprise our loved ones and we at IMBB are gearing up with our makeup skills to impress the special someone in our lives. Makeup is magic and no matter how much a guy tells he loves the “natural” look, when we step out with our makeup, they are in awe. IMBB is the best place to search for makeup looks. I have researched a bit on all the looks created and have added the easiest, natural-looking looks to this list. This was one of the toughest choices from the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G looks Rati has created. These choices are only for those who love nude and minimal makeup looks. Read on!

14 Neutral Looks for Valentine's Day Inspired by Rati

Let the Eyes Talk

smokey arabic eyeliner

For most girls, the firsts in makeup are kajal, eyeliner and lip gloss or light lipsticks. And we have done this for so long that even today when I head out to a restaurant or a dinner date, I sometimes end up with a winged eyeliner, mascara and a nude shade. You can use a simple kajal and create amazing Arabic eyes. Pair it with a nude lipstick and a natural blush on the cheeks and you can surely make heads turn.

Pinks Never Go Wrong

magenta eye makeup look

I am one of those few who hated pink because it was a girly color. Being a tomboy growing up, I hated it! And no matter how much we fuss about it, we all love pink secretly and have in our stash. Pink on Valentine’s Day can never go wrong, and with some pinks, you can create magic!

No Drama!

makeup look with huda icon lipstick

Don’t like the drama and want to keep the makeup as nude as possible? Well, Rati has the answer! With a little glow and everything basic, you can easily fool your boyfriend that you haven’t worn any makeup while you gaze into each other’s eyes. Don’t forget to try the ‘Rati’s Vaseline Glow Trick‘ when you try to highlight the cheeks!

Life of a Smokey Emo

intense smokey eyes makeup look

Want to show that you hate Valentine’s Day but secretly love it when your boyfriend surprises you? Check out this Black Smokey look as it makes you feel like a rebel and the pinks on the lips makes you look beautiful – just perfect for the occasion.

Magic in the Lips

pink lipstick makeup look

Even though eyes do a lot of magic, some people like to keep it simple. What’s better than going nude on the eye but still keeping the attention on the lips with bright and bold colors. You still have a lot of admiration and bold, bright colors add that needed charm to the face.

Bring out the Inner Golden Goddess in You

golden goddess makeup look

If you have shimmery browns, you can create a beautiful look and with the right accessories, you would look like a diva. I am sure you all agree that Rati does look fantastic here. Time to do some copying!

Move Ahead of the Boring Eyeliners

golden eyeliner makeup look

Eyeliners are great but special occasions call for special details. Let’s add some drama to the black flick and create wonders. You could also use colored liners that really bring out the overall look.

Gold Eyeliner with a Twist
Double Wing Glitter Eyeliner
Orange Eyeliner, Blue Mascara Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

Celebrity Inspirations

gold neutral eye makeup look

Who else rocks nude looks better than Kim Kardashian! Her sculpted cheeks, the contours, the basic neutrals are perfect. Drawing some inspiration, we have an amazing tutorial. With those front bangs and ponytail, you could rock this look with modern outfits.

Add colors to Black

shimmery black blue smokey eyes

Want to do a smokey look but not interested in the all-black eyes? Then, add some bright colors to the inner corners and see how beautiful the overall look turns out. Let’s look for those greens and blues, shall we?

The Elements of Valentine’s Day

romantic makeup look with roses

If you really want to rock on the V-day with the elements of red and roses, look no further. This look is romantic and the hairstyle with roses symbolizes love everywhere.

Bonus Looks

valentine's day makeup look pink

Valentine’s Day Makeup Breakdown
Coral Makeup Look for Valentine’s Day

Go ahead, practice them, look on the ‘Rati Beauty App‘ for the detailed tutorial on how to use the products correctly and rock this special day!

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