How To Style Little Black Dress

How To Style Little Black Dress

No single piece of clothing can make a fashionable statement like a Little Black Dress. Its versatility has earned it a place in every fashionistas wardrobe globally.

You can always make it look different with altered styles and accessories. The only way to mess up a great Little Black Dress look, is to either over-do the accessories, or to just leave it as a “yawn”, boring, plain look!

Mentioned below are few guideline that will help you dress your LBD according to your mood and occasion.

• Pick up a right little black dress: Choose your dress keeping the occasion you want to wear it for in mind. Not all little black dresses look good on every occasion; some have more style and suitability than others. For parties and events during the day wear a fitted black shift dress, with slashed neckline and just below the knee length. Fitted does not mean clingy. The fit of your little black dress is everything. So take caution and only buy and wear things that will fit you if you do not want people to see your body’s imperfections.

• Choose the right shoes: Right shoes play a big role in dressing up the little black dress. Ballet slipper flats, single-strap slingback sandals, or pumps look great with LBD. You can go for sober look or add some excitement to your dress by paring it with a bright contrasting colour. For winters pair your dress with high boots. If you are wearing tights under your black dress then try to match it with the colour of your shoes to give a leaner and longer look to your legs. Change into a different pair of shoes to change the look.

• Pair it with pantyhose: If you do not want to show off your bare legs then wear a sheer pantyhose for an elegant look. Opt for sheer black or gray tinted pantyhose to provide the finishing touch to your dress and also even out the skin tone of your legs.

• Add jewellery: Choose your jewelly wisely as it will get attention due to dark colour background. Select pieces that suit you. People with petite body frame should not load themselves with jewellery. Beautiful chandelier earrings, a cocktail ring and a small clutch bag will make you look stylish.

• Add a belt: Sometimes a belt can add what expensive accessories can not to your dress. Before opting to wear one pay attention to the style of your dress. If it can handle the addition of a belt then go ahead and give a distinct feature to your little black dress.

Try these fashion tips to accessorise a black dress and carry the bold look with style and ease!

How do you like to dress your LBD.

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  1. I think gold ethnic jewellery – funky bracelets will go really well with an LBD. Metallic jewellery. or for the more vintage classic look – stone teardrop sapphire earrings, or othr stones.. great article.

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