How to Style a Leather Dress

How to Style a Leather Dress

Leather isn’t just for edgy ladies; it can be ladylike, tasteful and flawlessly wearable if you know how to style it. Like denims, leather too can be styled in a number of easy, not so over-the-top ways.

Mentioned below are few tips that will help you rock any leather dress effortlessly and elegantly.


Tips to Style a Leather Dress:

• Stay away from tight fitting leather dress: Fit matters the most when it comes to a dress made of leather, as it is the only aspect that can make you look chic or cheap. You should not pour yourself into a leather dress, Look for different silhouettes that looks good on your body type. Good fit keeps the raunchiness at bay and allows your look to be much more ladylike. Try a shift or empire waist leather dress, which will still toughen up your look without that skin-tight fit. Get accustomed to this edgy fabric by trying out long sleeves and a barely-above-the-knee hemlines. Always remember there’s a fine line between body-con and downright tight.

• Accessorize sensibly: Shy away from loud over-the-top pieces when you want to dress up in a leather dress. Keep your look clean by adding understated accents, since leather is such a statement in itself. A simple bracelet or cocktail ring or a pair of simple earrings is more than enough with leather. Add something to soften the tough girl look and put in a bit of interest like a silk scarf or girly peep-toe pumps. Let your dress do the talking for you.


• Mix up with prints: you can take your leather dress to another level if you have the guts to pair it with some animal prints accessory. Feel free to pair a simple leather dress with leopard print pumps, or a faux fur stole. Other options include a zebra scarf or a small giraffe print evening bag. Hold your wild instincts and pick only one accessory in animal print to look modish.

• Add a girly twist to your look. Add a feminine jacket or cardigan, considering denim for a rocker chic look. A floral print provides a cool juxtaposition of edgy and girly. A leather dress can also be worn casually. Pair with flat boots and a bright scarf tied around your neck for effortless glamour.

• Try to keeping your colour palette consistent for a dress as it gives a more subtle look. Avoid a bright, in-your-face shade for a leather dress if you are not too confident about sporting a leather look. You can however opt for a burgundy or deep green colour to add extra depth without going too extreme.


• If your dress is sleeveless and tight, put on your favourite blazer on top and some textured tights to make the dress more of a detail than a statement piece.

Hope these tips will help you pull off this look without looking like a tart.

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