Style Statement With Casual Clothing

Style Statement With Casual Clothing

Hi IMBB Girlies!!
It’s summers in Delhi and really bad at that! But, it’s actually a time out to come out of your wintery apparel and flaunt your body and style! It might be really not a good idea for most of us to put on those extra revealing clothes – partially because of the bad san tan that we might develop and because of the other infamous factors 😛
style statement casual clothing
And most of time when I go out on a day out, I have this habit of posting albums on Facebook and I am very sure , most of our Fashionistas must be too! So, looking fantastic is no option!

Keeping in Line with the Look Book what Rati has to share with all us, (and a very good at that!), I would want to share with all the IMBB Addicts a look that is really simple to achieve and still gives you an edge. Here is a de-code!
jeans teeshirt
I have a pear shaped body type and this is how I choose it.
• Top: I happened to come across this funky Tank Top in one of the stores I was randomly going through. And Since, I work for a Google Partner Company; I got excited with “Youtube”. It had other color versions but they looked more of goody stuff, so I chose Black even if its summers! It is in Cotton but very well fit. It is fitter at the bust and at the empire line and loosens a little as one go downwards. Apple Figure People may want a little looser (insight Tops worn by Priyanka Chopra). Petite People should avoid such Tank Tops as this would cut short their figure even more. They should try tops just apt at the waist.

And like I wrote in my previous blogposts, I like sophisticated color play. I am not into florals or too many colors. I pefer to look smart, not completely feminine!

• Jeans: I am always in love with the skinny jeans. Jeans is not a very good option in summers in Delhi but this is a denim look in cotton. I always choose a stretchable pair of Jeans. This one is from GFQ which I had bought a little time ago. And I love it, the color is light and very casual. Apple Figure People may want a regular fit, and not very skinny jeans. I suggest they should wear high-rise jeans to make people run for their butts ;). Petite figure People should avoid a flared jeans altogether.

• Accessories: I am just a necklace person. Since, I have a short neck, I choose longer ones. I cannot even imagine shorter ones at all! Also, I have an inclination towards metallic accessories or black ones , as these go with every attire. Again , too many of them will make you look like a jewellery box, so choose a statement piece as they say! Have you ever seen Aishwarya, Or Katrina Or Kareena with colourful accessories bling ? Again, choices may differ, but colourful ones give a kiddish look to me.

• Footwear: I am in love with these ! These are really really comfortable with a tie up as a zip at their back, and I can run in these even if they are 3.5 inches pencil heels! Trust me, Black Gladiators are an all time favourite. I have developed a fetish for trying different colors in pumps and heels. has really induced me! You can good deals there. Try them!
Makeup : I have an oily skin, so foundation is a no-no for me in summer day time. I follow the usual routine of Cleansing and Toning, followed by a Sunscreen Gel.

• Face: I use Ponds Activated Carbon Facewash, with an astringent or Tomato pulp once a week for toning. I use Lotus Sunscreen Gel as a follow up. Once a day, I use RevAyur Beautifying Gel (it really works!).

Then, I use Oriflame Peach Me with a foundation Brush just a little as it requires and then finally Maybelline Compact Powder. I use Maybelline Dream Mousse in Peach Satin for a follow up during day time.

• Eyes: I use Hashmi Kajal for kohl. I have tried hundreds of others but they smudge badly. This is my favourite, as I like a very thick application. For eye liners, I use Lakme Eye Artist. For eye shadows, I have used Giordani Black Eye shadow. It is very pigmented and I experiment with wetting it first. You can vary with the degree of blackness or completely remove it all!
• Lips: I use Lakme Sheer Satin Gloss or Maybelline Refreshing Tinted Lip Balm in Strawberry. I like the latter more. Sheer Satin has a good taste, and a good consistency (with a good applicator!) but it makes my lips appear darker. Protecting Lips is really important, so do not skip a Lip Balm ever.

• Body: I use Vaseline Healthy White with Cocoa Butter. It smells good and makes my skin soft and supple.

• Hair: I washed my hair with Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Shampoo followed by a Dove Conditioner and Dove Serum, and then ironed it all through!

• Shades: I have a heart shape, so I like aviators more! These are tinted brown. They additionally offer good sun protection as heat and direct rays directly affect my under eye area which is really sensitive.

• Bag: Oh you didn’t find one? Because I didn’t carry one! I had to carry my Laptop 😛

Do, tell me your style statement!

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34 thoughts on “Style Statement With Casual Clothing

  1. soooprbbb…u luk chic,cute, stylish everything….i lvd ur smile….sahar is another person i admire :D…..

  2. Hey, I love how detailed you made this post! That’s a nice casual look you have going there 🙂 I used to intern at Google, so I can relate to the tshirt thing 😛 have you straightened your hair? I never get shoes my size on FnY or any other site :/

    1. Hi Nandini!
      Yes, I have done them.
      I got my hair rebonded a way back, but I have started experiencing thinning of hair on the crown area. So, I iron them only now occasionally!

  3. loved it.couldnt be look hot!!!!and those shoes and tee are to die for….besides everything its your smile which brightens up the outfit

    1. Awww,, thanks Flygirl!!
      Reading the word “hot” after a series of cute is kind of nicer 😉
      Thanks for the smile babes!

  4. Hello Everybody!!

    Thank You!! Thanks a Lot!
    After such a heck of time in office, when I read all you posts, I get glammed up 🙂

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