Style Statement With Saddle Shoes

Saddle Shoe

Shoes have always played an important role in fashion since ages. They can make or break the overall look of an individual.

Today, we will focus on saddle shoes. Now, this name may come as a surprise for some but I am sure each one of us must have seen them time and again. Many famous celebrities like Elvis Presley, Johnny Depp, James Dean etc. adorned these shoes and passed on to us to feel there magic.To know more about these classic and timeless fashion keep reading.

What are Saddle Shoes?

It is a flat, lace-up shoe with a plain toe, and a “saddle-shaped” panel in a contrast colour that wraps around the middle of the foot. Saddle shoes were first introduced in 1906 but, it was only in the 1950’s or say the post-war era that these shoes achieved their cult status and have been used over and over since then.

Earlier, they were formal leather footwear normally with two tones of black and white. But, nowadays shoe manufacturers are producing saddle shoes in every design and colour combination imaginable.
saddle shoe
It was not long ago that these shoes were limited to golf or retro attires but, today you can have a pair to go along with just about any wardrobe. They are worn by both men and women and easily come in handy to make an effortlessly stylish statement.

Saddles with bright soles can at once make a simple outfit more attention-grabbing. The bare-ankle look is most popular but it requires some prep work. Grab a pair of sock liners to protect your feet or sprinkle a little foot powder in your shoes to prevent sweating. Wear them with jeans or trousers with saddle shoes and still be at ease. Though these shoes have two contrasting colours, saddle shoes, are relatively more subtle because the pants leg covers most of  the “saddle” part of the shoe.

Saddle shoes have gone through the test of time successfully. Even though there are various types of men’s shoes available in the market today still, the saddle shoes hold an independent place in the market and special place among shoe lovers.

How to take care of Saddle Shoes?

Vintage saddle shoes are made of leather which does require some attention in order to look great irrespective of time period. Mentioned below are few tips that will help you to keep clean a vintage pair of saddle shoes:

• Take about one tablespoon of leather cleaner and put in few drops of water in it. Now put on this cleaner on a clean cloth and gently rub any smudges or
dirt off the shoes.

• Now take another clean and dry cloth and pat on the shoes to dry them completely before you store them.

• In case there are stubborn marks on your shoes, use rubbing alcohol to remove them. Take a few drops of rubbing alcohol on clean dry cloth and blot the
mark off the shoe. Do not rub just gently blot the shoe until the marks fade away or go away completely.

• Now, again pat them dry completely and polish the shoes using the leather conditioner before storing them.

• Use a neutral shoe cream to keep the leather from turning too light and to keep scuffs in check.

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  1. Awesome…just went to London and everyone on the street was wearing them… got a pair for myself too… super comfy and stylish!

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