Styleshot Review – Kangna Ranaut at Riteish and Genelia’s Wedding

Styleshot Review – Kangna Ranaut at Riteish and Genelia’s Wedding

“Let she stand in front of me and I shall live my life in a dream.”

So my girlies!! I am back!

Sounds fairy, eh? But, this is probably the understatement which I would call it as, for what Kangna Ranaut was looking on Riteish and Genelia’s wedding bash. You might want to call me as her super fan, you might want to call it as a word of mouth, but take my word, even if I am such a critic and it takes loads of creative niche to make a mark on me, her sense of style on that day completely played the cards a trio ace.

Styleshot Review Kangna Ranaut at Riteish and Genelia’s Wedding

I would love to decode her style vibe for you girlies. Keep Reading!! Linking to what I had written in my previous post, I would initiate on the same lines.


Gold is what she underlines, but to re-emphasize here too she keeps the isolation formula handy. Gold is subtly used on the borders of the lehenga with black subduing its glitter in the main consistency. There is no studded work (as far as my style statement goes, if it has to be studded, then it has to be just kundan worked in sleek, little and précised designs. I cannot accept colourful studding done. Just imagine, colourful studding with loads of colourful makeup to match up just implies looking like a Christmas fanatasy! ). My IMBB tip to you all would be to keep it simple with just a statement style.  Instead of emphasizing more on the work, emphasize more on the color and cuts. Notice the volume the lehenga assumes as one goes down towards the feet. It is not simply flat throughout nor is it extra voluminous all around.

The same goes for the choli she wears. The most common “blunder” people do is to choose the wrong cut. Either the choli bust line on the back droops too much or it raises quite above. Ask your designer to include a band or a zip on the side of your choli. You may want to take down observations from Deepika Padukone. Her blouses and cholis are super fit and no malfunction!

Kangana Ranaut

Most people do not know how to carry off a net cloth, but this is an eye opener. When one dresses traditional, the mantra here is to dress in a flow. Carrying the net dupatta in a taut form is a strict no-no for me at least. The dupatta worn here is carried in a suggestive way. No hiding, no showing! Again, carrying just the net dupatta would mean, you did your styling in a hurry. Would you want to be named as one? Ofcourse not! This is where the small black detailing on it comes handy!


She uses a hair accessory which is too bling for me. If it had to be gold, it should have been a little sleeker. So, is with her bling bag. She could have used a maroon velvet bag instead. Such amount of sequins is only going against the look she wanted to achieve. Additionally, she should have worn earrings, not too big although.



Her hair are neatly done, without any frizz or style as if forcefully done. When they are forcefully styled, random lines reflecting lines are seen (Rani Mukherjee in Hum Tum for example 😛 ) when one is photographed, but this is not seen here at least. Use a good hair mousse or hair spray for best results. (You may want to try using TIGI hair mousses. I have heard they work wonders!).  But yes, hair should have been side parted. Middle parting is only making her heart shaped face divided into 2 half hearts! Do you like a broken heart? No!

Make Up:

riteish genelia wedding

Her makeup is kept nude. This is what one can follow:

  • After scrubbing and cleansing, tone your face. Tomato puree works wonders! Use it with cotton balls. It makes the bridge of the nose smooth and closes the open pores. Remember not to overdo it to avoid looking reddish.
  • Moisturize the face using a gel. You may not want to use a cream in summers.
  • Use a green concealer to tone down your red breakouts. Do not rub, just dot and pat. Green combats red.
  • Use a good foundation with medium coverage and satin finish. MAC has lots of options and so does Inglot.
  • Contour with 2 shades, one darker and the other one lighter, on the cheekbones in a fish-mouthed style. Inglot has brilliant options in bronzers and illuminators. Carefully select as you are likely to get confused. My IMBB tip here is not use bright blushers with bronzers to avoid orangey look.
  • Eyes are with powder beige bronzers over the foundation. Light brown eye shadow is blended carefully.
  • Lips are left nude. Just use a good lip conditioner and follow the lip styling mantra I had shared with you in my previous post.
  • Don’t forget to use a good skin polisher for your back! You may use the same illuminator you had used on your face. Mix it with a skin lotion and there you go!

So ladies, give yourself a bow! You are likely to bowl your boyfriends over!  I am getting the same look done on my brother’s wedding!

Do tell how was yours!

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10 thoughts on “Styleshot Review – Kangna Ranaut at Riteish and Genelia’s Wedding

  1. Nice article Kria 🙂 i personally feel her makeup should have been better.. the nude makeup is making her look a little bit sick and dull.. leaving that i loved her look 🙂 the way you have decoded the look is amazing! :waytogo:

  2. nice article Kria:)…..I totally agree to Mayuri 🙂 She would have done makeup better as well as her hairdo… I didnt like it at all

  3. Nice review Kria!
    shez looking pretty in the Sabya attire… but I feel it’s not an outfit for a wedding…may be it’s Kangana so we can expect it…and guess only she can make it work…
    She skipped the earrings because the headband is heavy, again a Sabya design…but it only makes her look bare
    All in all, her styling and her expression is making it more of a runway look

  4. even i second wth mayuri ,her makeup cud have been better as the colour of the outfit is not so bright! On top of it her nude lips r giving her a washed away look! Atleast she cud hv opted for some cute shandeliers instead of headband! BTW nice writeup!

  5. dat was an intersting write up girl 🙂 i loved the whole look-so chic-though im not sure its apt for a wedding reception…..she looks more like a ramp model here…..n she does make the nude makeup work,but i feel her face would have looked more alive with a soft touch of kohl on the eyes……

  6. Hi everybody!!
    Thanks for the appreciation 🙂 🙂

    Indeed, even I think, Kohl should have been used by her make up person. Its an essential element for an Indian beauty!!

  7. Hi,

    I saw this designer piece in one of the showroom in Chanakyapuri, Delhi and it was looking awesome.
    It was for 1.2l 😐 🙂

    1. Hi flygirl!!

      Thanks babes!!
      Ya, some color would not have harmed but you know what lately I have seen make up artists painting the guests and the brides/brides to be with hell of colors, you end up looking like a clown.
      I have seen so many personally on such occasions.
      This to me, was a respite in kind!

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