Styling Tips for Skinny Girls

Styling Tips for Skinny Girls

Seet Mai Seer

Do you belong to those with slender body type? Then we are in the same club!!

I am 5 ft 6 in and 48 kg, above the average height of Asian girls and slim. If you think skinny is ‘in’ as most of the models and actress are lean and tall. Then you are very, very WRONG!! In the real world, not every outfit is for skinny girls. I too faced problem choosing the right outfit for myself!!

But, just like any other girls, I too want to look fashionable and gorgeous!! So, I started to observe those skinny actress or model like Keira Knightley, Kate Moss or Alexa Chung.

Here are some observations I made or fashion tips I would like to share with you there.

Styling tips forskinny girls

You may use accessories to distract the attention from your slim figure. I always like to pair with scarves, moderate-sized necklace, belt and bangles for this purpose. A good choice of accessories will make you stand out among the rest even with a simple dress and also add personal touch to your style! When wearing bangles or bracelets, try to avoid those with big diameters (can be thicker) rather opt for those fitted well. The big gap between the wrist and bracelets will only make others paying more attention on your bones!

Wear garments with right cutting which creates curves. You need to create curve on where you want them to be. Avoid cutting that reveals your thinnest area, for example no short sleeves for thin arms. In contrast, slim frame looks good on dresses and top with volume on shoulder and hips. This will help to create illusion curves between waist, bust and hips.

You may try layered tops to add volume to your core. As I am having flat-chest, so the white tank with lace in picture is able to create dimensions on my bust. To fill up the bust area, keep in mind that never be exaggerate! The main goal is to add volume with balance, or else you may look very odd. Puff sleeves or ¾ sleeves are also good options for slender body type. Sometimes, you can try to pair with cardigan, jacket or shrug to make you look fuller. Empire dress, peplum style dress and top are also cuts that suitable for skinny ladies.

Styling tips for skinnygirls

As for bottom, trousers like flared pants, palazzo and boot cuts are able to make your bottoms look round. However, when choosing a wide pant, take note of the area where the fabric starts to flow. The waist and hips area should be well-fitted. Else, your legs will somehow look lost.

When choosing a skirt, the length of the skirt is the key. The hem is best stop at the shapeliest part of your calf. If the hem falls on the skinniest part of your leg – short or long – the contrast of the skirts and your legs will make them looks like chopstick. A-line skirt is the best friend for most body type, especially for who don’t have toned butt. It helps to cover or hide your butt which may be long or saggy due to lack of exercise.

Clothing which is oversize or too tight is never a good option for skinny girls. Choose clothes that fit, but are not too tight. This is a common mistake for many people. Extra-fitted garments will only make you look skinnier.

To create curves or dimensions on body, fabrics of clothes should be able to hold the shape better or thicker. Try to avoid fabric that stay too close to skin. When experimenting with fabrics, skinny ladies have advantage over other body type as we can get away with wider variety such as knits, denims, tweed, leather, or lace. Play with colors and patterns/prints. Light colors attire will make you look fuller. As for print, heavy prints are the best for lean figure. We know that vertical stripes make people look larger, so go for it!

Finally, find the part of your body that you feel good about. If you are very confident with your lean legs or flat tummy, then take advantage of it and highlight your strength.

Styling tips for skinny girls

Of course, other than body type, you too need to know your skin complexion, assess your character, the occasion before choosing the right outfits for you. No one is having a perfect figure, but I believe know yourself well and then choose the suitable outfit is the key to look great and gorgeous. I hope what I shared here is helpful.

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