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Kangan Asks

Please help me with styling tips. I am 22,a short n petite girl. I want to know the type of clothes that would work for me.
also,I adore skirts,but never confident about which kinds would suit me. Thanks, keep rocking.


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  1. For petite women I think long skirts with a flare just at the heel will work well. team it up with a short top. long tops typically makes one look shorter. I have seen that V neck tops give the illusion of having a longer neck so that kind of adds to the overall ‘height’ of a woman. also i think shorter sleeves work better than long or 3/4 sleeves and hey high heeeels just adds to the glamour quotient. For bags i would recommend that its just sligtly longer than the top.

    Hope this helps.

  2. use more leggings and pants with gatherings, it ll make your legs look long and beautiful. Avoid patialas as it will make a tall person look smaller. And Wear short kurtas, also while stitching salwars stitch upto knee (i.e just above knee) length. All this will well suit petite personalities. My best friend ankita is pretty short and these way of dressing make her look so cute

  3. The best style tip for a petite girl is: “Avoid loose and flowy clothes” In western wear you could go for skinny jeans with heels. Also avoid colour blocking. The key is to wear tops that are not visibly separated from the bottoms. For instance if you are wearing black pants, team it with a similar coloured top like navy, black, grey etc. Avoid tucking your shirt in.
    Also petite girls look best in dresses. Since its summer you can wear a lot of short dresses.
    Avoid long skirts. Anything which falls below the calves is not good.
    Another mistake petite girls make is wearing ankle length pants; they make you look shorter.
    If you must wear Indian dresses then go for well fitted churidars avoiding Patialas.
    Also avoid bulky jewellery.

  4. Avoid horizontal strips – go for thin, vertical stripes as they will make you appear taller and slim down your silhouette as well. Wear capris, shorts, and short dresses – in my opinion steer clear of maxis, they can make you look frumpy. 🙂

  5. Legs Legs Legs.. wear skinny jeans shorts minis any thing that shows the shape of your legs.. dont wear tops with small necks and 1 awesome tip that I use (Not that tall myself :)) wear high heels which do not have ankle straps. this gives illusion of longer legs

  6. i dont think there’s any style statement which need to be followed by petite galz… m 5’2″ (plz ignore if commas placed wrongly… i dnt remembr ryt now 😛 ) n wear whatever i like from patialas to churidars, pencil jeans to leggings, skirts short long whatever my mood feels like i get into it wth lots of confidence n smile… 🙂 yeah smile works like magic. the thumb rule is whatever u planning to wear see ur comfort n ease first. being limited to sm clothes to make me look tall isnt ma cup of tea actually… i dont lik ma short height but hey this is totally ma business n nobody else’s. at tyms i wear heels else flats n only flats… so i advise u to carry whatever u like with confidence… lyf is so short n lived only once then why refuse to try anything… if u re confident u can rock almost any style…so motivate urself for experimenting n go for whatever u feel u look good in & believe me if u feel beautiful frm inside then who cares what others say… 😉 n yeah i love color blocking too… m very much into bright n pastels…they are cute n fun 🙂 one more thing one of ma frnd says tht short gals look cute n pretty most f the tym… so go for cute cute things which make u look pretty n adorable… 🙂 al d best for skirts… 🙂

  7. thanks rati, for posting my query n being so sweet as usual.
    thanks to all,for the tips..
    @keirti-ur a sweetheart,thanks for the lovely words..

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