12 Styling Tricks to Make Your Waist Look Instantly Smaller

Each one of us desires to have a dream figure like Rati. But of course, most of us are too lazy to hit the gym. So, is there a midway? Well, worry not! Here again, IMBB is at your disposal, madam. Let’s play a fashion cheat game. Here, I’m presenting you with easy tips and tricks which will make your waist look instantly smaller. Have a look at the tips below.

Invest in a shapewear

Nothing is better than a shapewear or bodycon dress. Do not shy away from investing in these effective and slimming shapewear. These come in really handy when you wish to wear a figure-hugging dress.

Use a thin belt to cinch the waist

A thin belt is the easiest way to cinch your waist and make it look smaller. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a few thin belts in your favorite colors and see the difference they make to your outfits and figure.

Opt for monochrome and monotone

You must wear a single solid coloured dress to look slim. This will give you an overall slim and toned effect.

Tuck in

Another easy way to shift the attention from your waist is tucking your tops and shirts in. This styling trick not only makes your outfit look cuter but waist look slimmer as well.

High waisted pants

Another easy peasy trick is trying on a pair of high waisted pants. They not only give you a slimmer look at the waist but also make your bum look much cuter and rounded.

Try on wrap dresses

Buy a wrap dress of your choice and colour. These wrap dresses tighten around your waist and give you a much leaner look. This type of dresses are perfect for apple shaped women.

Give pencil skirts a go

Pencil skirts are also perfect when it comes to slimming your waistline. These are tightly cinched at your waist area, thus give you a much sophisticated look.

Illusion dresses

Are you not blessed with a naturally beautiful and hourglass body shape? Then, here is a trick! Did you know many celebrities fake a perfect hourglass figure with these illusion dresses? IMBB already has a detailed article on this: ‘How Celebrities Fake A Perfect Hourglass Figure with Illusion Dresses‘.

Tie a shirt around your waist

Why not tie a shirt around your waistline? This will make your waist look slimmer and much more trim. Plus, it looks super stylish.

Wear your size

Whenever you opt for a top or a dress, make sure it’s in your size. It is a misconception that bigger sizes hide your waist and make it look smaller. Always go for the best size if you wish to look slimmer.

Peplum style

Pamper yourself with some peplum tops and dresses when you want to have a slimmer waist. 😉 This is a clever style that camouflages a thick waist, making it look smaller and slimmer.

Cutout dresses

Why not wear a cutout dress with sexy cuts at the waist area? This will slim down your waistline visually and make it look much sexier.

Go for beige heels

Opt for beige or nude footwear with heels if you wish to look slimmer. The color of these footwear will gel well with the color of your legs, making them appear longer. Hence, your overall look will turn out slimmer.

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