Suave Essentials Almond Verbena Creamy Body Wash Review

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I don’t use a soap bar for my daily bathing needs and every week or two, I buy a new body wash with a different flavor, just to keep things interesting. The body wash in this review is my recent purchase and although I have had better experience in the past, I still thought that this product deserved a review.  Read on further to know why I love this body wash.

Suave Essentials Almond Verbena Creamy Body Wash

Product Description:
Indulge with this blissful Creamy Almond Verbena body wash. This caring scent is a fine blend of fresh blossoms and almond cream with a soft touch of sparkling verbena. Pamper your skin with fresh milky goodness.  Infused with sweet almond oil, verbena, milk protein and skin conditioning Vitamin E. A blissful daily body wash and shower gel.



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My Take on Suave Essentials Almond Verbena Creamy Body Wash:

I have used regular body washes like the one by Dove or VOS and I have used more luxurious ones by Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, and so on, but I don’t have a personal favorite and I keep changing brands and flavors in this regard. However, I did like this particular body wash from Suave that I am reviewing for you today and I am contemplating purchasing another bottle once I run out of this one.

Packaging: This body wash comes in a big 12 fl oz squeeze bottle with a flip cap on top and it is super easy to dispense product from the bottle to my loofah. The bottle is translucent and shows the color and amount of product in the bottle.

Body wash

Consistency: Since it is a moisturizing body wash, it has a thick lotion-like consistency and a small quantity is enough for one shower session if used with a good loofah.

Fragrance: I like the smell, but I am not a crazy about it, it has a soft floral fragrance and has nothing proprietary about it. However, using this body wash is still a good experience because it has subtle fragrance, gives generous amount of lather, and does not dry out my skin.


A small dollop on a wet loofah is enough for one shower session. I rub my loofah all over the body and massage for a good few minutes with extra concentration on areas that I shave since they need extra exfoliation. When not in a rush, I use a body brush to remove ingrown hair and also to get rid of cellulite in upper thigh region.

It gives a generous amount of lather, to the point that if at times I don’t have time to use a shave cream or body oil to shave, I just use this body wash to shave off my legs and when used under hot shower, it makes the entire process smooth and easy.

It is a good and cheap body wash which would do well in our shower caddy. However, the claim that it contains almond or milk extracts or that it imparts silk-like smoothness to the skin sounds a bit exaggerated, but then, again all brands hype up their products to grab consumer’s attention and hence I have no qualms about Suave doing so.

Pros of Suave Essentials Almond Verbena Creamy Body Wash:

  • Good packaging.
  • A small quantity goes a long way.
  • Subtle floral fragrance.
  • Gives a generous amount of lather.
  • Small quantity is enough for one-time use.
  • Can be used for shaving legs.
  • Exfoliates body when used with a loofah or body brush.
  • Leaves skin soft smooth.
  • Not at all drying.
  • Not expensive.

Cons of Suave Essentials Almond Verbena Creamy Body Wash:

  • The fragrance could have been a bit better and unique.

Would I Repurchase Suave Essentials Almond Verbena Creamy Body Wash?

Usually, I don’t repeat my body washes and I, most likely, will stick to that notion with this flavor because like I mentioned above, there is nothing unique about this product; however, all those of you out there who like to try out new body washes every now and then, you could check out this body wash.

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