Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo Review

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo

Hello dearies,

How have all my favourite ladies been? I am enjoying a lot and I don’t know what’s up with me but I am having Chinese food like 3 times a week and I hope I don’t fall sick but I just cannot resist, what to do? Coming to today’s product, as you all know dry shampoos are picking up the trend now due to the fast life that everyone is going through. I have never ever tried dry shampoos but always had a craze to try them out because I get up early in the morning and my hair look greasy at times and I am half asleep to really go through a shampoo process; so these would be great to use at that time. Hence I got two of them just to try out whether they really worked or not.

Price: $4.49 for 141 g

What Suave claims about Suave professionals keratin infusion dry shampoo:

All Hair Types
• salon proven
• new
• to refresh as well as bumble and bumble®
Natural keratin protein in hair depletes over time leaving it unmanageable, frizzy, and harder to style.
This refreshing dry shampoo, formulated with Keralock™ Technology contains keratin and absorbs oils to help clean your hair so it’s refreshed, smooth and manageable between regular washes.
Contains keratin and absorbs oils to:

• refreshed hair
• extend your blowout
• revive volume

Directions to use:

Shake can well before and during application. Hold 8-10 inches away from hair and spray directly on oil roots. Use your fingers to rub in excess powder, brush through. You can also spray on washed hair to give extra volume and texture, as well as to absorb oil throughout the day. If dispenser clogs, rinse with warm water.


How I liked the Suave professionals keratin infusion dry shampoo:

This is my first dry shampoo that I was going to try out and was super excited as there is always a thrill to use out such unique products. The one is was going to try out is from Suave which claimed to be a keratin infusion one and all the products that claim to contain “Keratin” have always attracted me. The dry shampoo comes in a gorgeous metallic gold bottle and it looks very shiny and glossy and is quite big in length too. The quantity is amazing as to what price they have taken. The bottle is pretty big in size so I wouldn’t be comfortable carrying it around. It has a black cap and underneath is a black spray nozzle. Firstly I did not know how dry shampoos work so I had to read each and every step on how to use it and also had to surf the net how to use it. Then finally after going through all sorts of articles, the excitement started to build up and yo! I had my fingers on the nozzle. The shampoo was supposed to be sprayed on most oily parts of the hair mainly the scalp because that tends to get more oily in between the regular shampoos. I had the bottle held far away as much as I could lift it up according to my height lol; and I sprayed it on the oily part that is the scalp. There was no itchiness or anything and it was much like a spray, I couldn’t see anything coming out of it; it was like a deodorant.


Before that I sprayed it on my hands too to see what powder is coming off but did not notice anything as such. The fragrance was very powdery but was equally fresh and I enjoyed having it on. I had read that I was supposed to wait 10 minutes for it to function. I sat back and relaxed and it was 20 minutes up but only half of the oil was taken away and my hair were still a bit oily and I was not satisfied, rather waiting for 20-30 minutes I would have gone and actually shampooed and conditioned my hair lol. But the hair looked manageable enough to style and they did look fresh from how it looked before and they felt soft and the frizziness had gone away. The big problem was the powder that was left on the scalp; it would have absorbed all the oil then it would have been easy to remove the powder but the hair were a bit oily and the powder got stuck on the scalp and it was not that easy to brush them out. People might think that I have so much dandruff because they probably wouldn’t know what a dry shampoo is! So concluding I would say that the satisfaction of shampooed hair is unparalleled; this brand so far worked fine but not exactly the way I expected. I am yet to try out on more and that looks like a better brand than this because it is expensive so then I would finally make a verdict about dry shampoos.


Pros of Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo :

-A big bottle for that price and less expensive as compared to the other dry shampoos
-Has a spray nozzle and that works very well too and the packaging is pretty in golden and black
-The spray is convenient to use rather than those lose powders that are available in tubs in powder form
-Contains keratin which is very good for the hair
-Add moderate volume to the hair and gives a boost to thin limp hair like mine
-The fragrance is kind of powdery which is super good and lingers after spraying it
-It is simple to use; you just have to spray it from 8 inches away
-Makes hair pretty manageable to style

Cons of Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo :

-A dry shampoo wouldn’t give the satisfaction like a shampoo because it did not make my hair look that fresh; half of the oil was absorbed that too after 30 minutes of spraying this and yet according to me my hair did not look like I have shampooed them.
-The powder that is left on the scalp after the spray process is not that easy to remove; it has to be brushed abrasively and people may mistake that powder for dandruff.

Will I repurchase/recommend the suave professionals keratin infusion dry shampoo?

Umm.. no perhaps I would want to try out the other dry shampoos but this one has certainly created a block in my mind whether dry shampoos really work or not; but still I will try some other brands and no I would not recommend this one at all because the oil was not absorbed much off the scalp  and that is what it was supposed to do, so try the other brands but not this one.

IMBB Rating: 3/5

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