Suave Skin Therapy Exhale Calming Body Wash Review

Suave Skin Therapy Exhale Calming Body Wash

By Zinnia Saha

This is my first IMBB post and am little nervous. IMBB has become a part and parcel of my life, any beauty related issue I rush to check this blog. First of all let me introduce myself, I am Zinnia, a post graduate student currently studying in Chandigarh. Today I will be reviewing my first body wash from Suave skin therapy. This was a gift from an acquaintance who was abroad then. When I received this I did not know that body wash or shower gel exists, the only form of liquid soap that was known to me was liquid hand wash. I know you people must be giggling but that’s how it was.


Product description:

Exhale calming rich + moisturizing body wash lavender vanilla

• Cleanse your body With vitamin E, Provitamin B5 and white tea extracts, this skin nourishing body wash foams into a silky lather to gently cleanse and leave your skin feeling amazingly soft.

• Inspire your mood The soothing scent of lavender vanilla will transform you shower into calming sanctuary.



Price: $2 (not sure as this was a gift) for 355ml or 12 fl.oz

My take on Suave Skin Therapy Exhale Calming Body Wash:

Suave naturals exhale calming body wash comes packed in a decent purple bottle .Its a white creamy fluid having the right consistency i.e neither very hard nor extremely runny. The smell is that of lavender vanilla. It does not foam at all when used without bath pouf which might be disappointing for many of you who like extremely foaming body washes.

I take a little quantity of this on my pouf and wash myself with this. The smell is quite strong but it does not linger that long. It uplifts my mood as it has as claimed but for the cleaning part all I can say is that it’s a personal preference whether you like something that foams a lot or a body wash that’s so creamy and foams moderately. The best thing is that it does not make my skin dry as it has glycerin and vitamin E in it and also does not irritate my super sensitive skin. Rather it leaves my skin soft and supple.


Pros of Suave Skin Therapy Exhale Calming Body Wash:

• Free of parabens
• Contains glycerin and good ingredients
• Really affordable
• Good quantity for the price paid
• Divine smell of lavender vanilla
• As it does not have running consistency so there is no wastage of the product
• Does not irritate skin
• Does not make the skin dry
• Its creamy but not greasy


Cons of Suave Skin Therapy Exhale Calming Body Wash:

• Availability- am not sure if its available in India
• It does not foam –not a con for me
• Smell does not linger for long


Overall this is a great body wash which makes me feel fresh and confident and a little goes a long way. I still have a lot of product left in the bottle so next time while try the other variants from this range. I would recommend this to everyone and specially the dry skinned beauties. Thank you for reading. Bye!

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  1. It does look very creamy and would be great to use *happy dance* plus lavender and vanilla even more tempting *happydance* *happydance*

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