Sukin Aloe Vera Gel Review

Skin Tone: Medium to Dusky
Skin Type: Combination

Hello ladies,

Hope you all are doing great. Aloe vera is a natural, genuine and humble skin care ingredient, provided by Mother Nature. You should always have aloe vera gel in your skin care kit. This aloe vera gel is by Sukin, an Australian organic skincare brand. Let’s see how this product worked for me.

Sukin Aloe Vera Gel Review

Price: $9.95 for 125 ml
Product Description:
Our pure Aloe Vera is the perfect gel to hydrate, cool and soothe dry skin. Its gentle formula protects the skin’s moisture barrier and is perfect for after sun care. Suitable for all skin types.

Main Ingredients:
Aloe vera gel
Detailed Ingredients:
Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, alcohol denat., hydroxyethylcellulose.
Apply generously all over body or to desired areas. Can be used as often as needed.

My Experience with Sukin Aloe Vera Gel:

It is winter here in Australia and my skin is becoming very, very dry with each passing day. I wanted to provide extra nourishment to my skin, so when I spotted this Sukin Aloe Vera Gel, I quickly grabbed it. This product comes in the usual Sukin packaging – a black plastic bottle with a pump. The product related details are printed on the bottle.

Sukin Aloe Vera Gel Packaging

The pump dispenser makes it easy to dispense the product, but I would have preferred a tube packaging as tubes are more travel efficient. This is a clear gel, unlike other gels which appear green because of the artificial colours. There is no prominent fragrance to this gel; there’s a very light scent but it’s completely unnoticeable.

I apply this gel almost twice or thrice everyday. I simply massage this to my face, sometimes to my neck and hands as well. It quickly gets absorbed into my skin without making it feel sticky or heavy. It doesn’t leave a residue on my skin and I really love this property. I have an aloe vera plant at home, which I use when my skin needs some serious moisture and replenishment. I don’t use it often as it’s a small plant and I want it to grow well.

Sukin Aloe Vera Gel Pump

Now, this Sukin Aloe Vera Gel feels just like the original gel from the plant. I just couldn’t find any difference. This aloe gel is free from harsh and unwanted chemicals and therefore it’s
purer than other store-bought aloe vera gels. I love that Sukin products are so skin-friendly and gentle.

This aloe vera gel has effectively soothed my skin from conditions such as dryness, irritation, sunburn and waxing rashes. Sometimes during extreme winter, my skin peels off after waxing and this aloe vera gel soothes my skin and repairs the peeling. Hence, it makes my skin plump and hydrated. Overall, I am highly satisfied with this product and recommend it to everyone who needs hydration, natural moisturisation, after-sun care, dry skin relief etc.

Sukin Aloe Vera Gel Swatch

Pros of Sukin Aloe Vera Gel:

• Pure aloe vera gel
• Suitable for all skin types
• Soothes and hydrates the skin
• Repairs dry, flaky skin, rashes, sunburn etc
• No harsh chemicals

Cons of Sukin Aloe Vera Gel:

• Packaging could have been better

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Sukin Aloe Vera Gel?
Yes to both.

Bye friends. Stay positive!

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