Summer Hair Care: Tips for Healthy Hair in Hot Weather

summer hair care

Summer Hair Care

Ola my girls, Weather is getting hotter so as our temple while fighting for right sunblock to right style. Summer is a great weather for hair. We have those best hair days in this season only. Bouncy, shiny, super cool hair styles and dazzling effects of it.

You are on a date, breeze playing with your hair and you flip your cute sweet bangs around, have you seen how your boyfriend forget to breathe while looking at you? If you are in kitchen, cooking, forehead full of sweat, hair in tidy bun and your husband enters. Have you felt great how he gets so speechlessly amazed when you look up at him through hair strands dangling on your eyes?

Isn’t this the great weather after all? Ouch but with those great moments – sweat, itchy scalp and terrible dandruff comes free. So I thought I should share some simple summer hair care tips with you beauties for great hair.
Effects of harsh sun-rays on hair: Direct sun-rays on hair can harm your hair in many ways. Sun-rays for even 10 mins produce 70-80 degree C heat and this heat can crack cuticle, harm your hair’s outer structure, suck out moisture and can burn your scalp. Uuf.. This is the time girls; protect your hair from sun as you would protect your dear skin.

Very very important: Cover your hair with scarf, hat, cap, dupatta to avoid direct exposure of hair to sun.

Well, do you think only covering your hair will protect them from sun? I don’t think so. Sun-rays have harmful UV rays that can penetrate from scarf, dupatta or even caps. You need something better, something more intense to add more protection to your hair. Comb for the hair serum/spray that has some SPF. (Suggest me if you know any. I was searching for any such serum but could not find any except Matrix Bialoge’s Sunsorials protective gel which is hard to find even in Matrix Saloons).

Why don’t we get any hair serum with SPF in India easily that I don’t know. So here is the trick to make your own sunblock spray: (For desperate needs like mine)

• Mix few tsp of body sunscreen lotion/cream in 1 cup of water. Keep it overnight to let it dilute in water. Filter to remove white powder like stuff. Put this in spray bottle and use as sunscreen hair spray. Shake well before every use.

After sun treatment

What do you do when you come back to home after a long time out in sun (for shopping or in market or even just travelling)? You sit for few mins under superfast ceiling fan, wash your face, hands, feet, may be take shower, drink a lot of water, don’t you? What do you do for your hair? They are to be equally looked after as your skin. Don’t ignore them.

Here are some tips for how to take care of your hair after sun.

Keep ready this following homemade after-sun hair care spray:

Recipe for homemade hair spray:
1. Take juice of 2 lemons mixed with 2 cup water.
2. Boil the mixture for 2-3 mins.
3. Let it cool.
4. Add 5 tsp of glycerin.
5. Filter this mixture fine and put it in spray bottle.
6. If you find this mixture is sticky, add more water to dilute it.
7. Store this bottle in refrigerator.
8. Note: This lasts about a week. Prepare new mixture every week and wash bottle well before you put new mixture in it.

Now when you come back to home- first of all, relax and take deep breathes. Do whatever you want for your skin, body and thirst. Now look after your hair.
1. Remove all hair pins, clips, any hair accessories.
2. Start combing your hair slowly. (Take wide toothed comb).
3. Partition your hair and let your scalp be cool and dry under ceiling fan.
4. Once they are completely dry, use following spray to bring them to normal and to avoid sun damage
5. Use above spray on your hair every time you come back from sun.
6. Comb again lightly.

This will help your hair to retain their normal, undamaged hair structure.

Sweat, itchy scalp and dandruff:

We sweat a lot during summer. Scalp sweating can be embarrassing sometimes. It attracts dirt, dust, pollution and hence your hair gets dirty, sticky way more during summer than any other weather. This leads to itchy scalp and dandruff.

Some do’s and don’ts:

• We need to wash our hair more frequently in summer. Excessive shampooing harms hair. So use natural stuff like shikakai, reetha to wash your hair or use any mild or herbal shampoo.
• Don’t forget conditioner you lazy ones.
• Oil your hair before every wash from roots to tips.
• Hair captures dirt and hair looks dirty, oily. Comb your hair atleast four times a day. It will get rid of dust particles. Use wide toothed comb followed by your regular comb.
• For itchy scalp: Due to sweat, you may find your scalp is itching and you cant resist the feeling. Such an awkward moments those are! So do not use tight caps, hats. Keep your hair open and let the breeze pass between them once in a while in the long day. Part your hair and wipe out excessive sweat with wet but nicely squeezed hand towel or hanky. Properly cooling and drying of your scalp will solve the problem of itchy scalp.
• Control Hair odor using any good hair perfume. Do not use body spray or perfume for hair. If you don’t get any hair perfume, use Cologne Water or Rose water.
• Treating dandruff in summers:
o Wash your hair atleast three times in a week.
o Grab any good anti-dandruff shampoo, use it once in a week or two.
o Major reason of dandruff during summer is sweat and exposure to sun.
o So avoid exposure to sun and keep your scalp dry and cool

Read the following and your hair is ready to face the summer:
• Have your favorite hair-cut with lots of styling, bangs anything you like.
• It’s great season for great hair you beautifuls.
• For a day out, keep your hair style simple, use minimum accessories.
• Crazy buns, tidy ponytails will rock. But avoid very tight ponytail.
• Any funky to formal hairstyle for night outs or evening parties.
• Those who has excessively sweaty scalp, have short to medium haircuts.

Last but not the least, DRINK A LOT OF WATER EVERYDAY..

And what else girls, I hope this much is enough for healthy head in summer. If any other queries, please leave a comment below


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  4. nice article :high5: can you suggest any mild herbal shampoo for oily scalp? It shouldn’t dry out my hair too much. I’m using herbal essence right now but looking for a better one.

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  7. hi rashmi very informative article,thanx alot…can u help me with wt kind of shampoo n conditioner ll be suitable for my hair which is dry n i even have prematured grey hair,i even sweat alot in summer…please help me.. :struggle:

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