Summer-Proof Your Hair!

Summer proof your hair
With summer season in full swing right now, we are all enjoying the pool parties and BBQs. Of course we lather on to our dear sunscreen to save our skin from harmful effects of the scorching sun. But we tend to overlook how distressed our hair has become. This summer give your locks some extra TLC. Here are a few things you can do to ‘summer proof’ your hair:

summer proof

Cover and protect- It is very important to protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun. Try cute floppy hats, bandanas to cover your hair when going out. If not possible, invest in a hair sunscreen to protect your locks.

summer proof

Ditch the dryer- Your hair suffers enough during summers and it is a sin to use more heat for styling purposes. Cut down the amount of heat you use to style your hair. If it is absolutely important for you to use the heat then stay inside your bedroom and turn on the ac. Finish styling with a blast of cold air.

Condition- Go for deep conditioning at least once a month to restore moisture in your hair. For a hydrating mask on the go, rinse hair with cool water and soak it from root to tip with conditioner. Then pull your hair back into a chic braid or bun.

Shine treatment- At your next visit to the salon go for a shine treatment that can infuse your hair with protein building complexes to repair the damage done by sun and the heat.

summer proof

Updos and Ponies- summer is the perfect time to have fun with your hair. French braiding, messy updos; there are so many no-heat ways to do stylish summer styles!
Create a cooling shampoo- Add a few drops of Peppermint oil to your regular shampoo for that refreshing, spa like shampoo experience at home. The oil will improve blood circulation in your scalp and promote hair growth.

Change your parting- summer sweat and grime makes hair fall flat on your head making it look dull and oily especially where you part it. Change your parting every once in a while to prevent this and get an instant new look!

Split ends- Trim out split ends that make your hair look dull and lifeless. But before doing that, smooth some almond oil drops on your ends.

summer proof

Chop Chop- we all need a low maintenance cut for summers. ‘Lob’ or long bob is very in and very easy to deal with every morning. A layered lob can be worn wavy, smooth or straight and hardly takes minutes to style.

summer proof

No- heat styling- Wash your hair before bed. Spritz on some volumising spray and twist hair into a loose bun on top of your head. When you wake up and undo your bun, soft beachy waves will tumble down. If you have really thick hair then wait till your hair is 50% dry before securing it in a bun and use your fingers to separate your waves in the morning.
Soothe your scalp- Mix mashed cucumber and sour cream in equal quantities and massage onto your scalp to soothe it.

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16 thoughts on “Summer-Proof Your Hair!

      1. Rati I saw body shop has a face and body brush, can that be used instead of kabuki brush??? Thats a bit cheaper than the kabuki ! :toothygrin:

    1. i know that feeling!! nothing is more relaxing than a hair spa! :))
      where in do you go for hair spa Rati?

        1. oh i got it done once from Madonna’s at Priyas..didnt like it there 🙁
          these days I go to Geetanjali in Green Park.. will try Kailash Colony wala now..thanx 🙂

              1. I have bought loreal hair spa cream bath and the ampuoles costing Rs 100 each, just shampoo, then I add creambath 1-2scoops with 1 ampoule, apply the mixture on scalp and another scoop on hair then I massage for 15 min then i steam my hair then wash it off with cold water. Bas ho gaya, very easy !

    1. Hey Pooja.. my sister gifted my Shiseido hair sunscreen spray last year. i am sure there must be other brands for hair sunscreen as well. also, some brands have shampoo+sunscreen or conditioner+sunscreen as well.. u just have to spray it on and comb your hair once so that it spreads well.

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