Summer Special Fruit Mask for Glowing Skin

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How are you all? I am back with a fruit mask recipe that I am going to share with you today. When I was a kid, I absolutely didn’t like eating fruits and I am guessing you all didn’t too! Mother used to say having fruits makes our skin glow! But we didn’t pay much attention to our skin when we were kids, did we? As we grew up and hit our puberty, things started getting worse for most of us.

Summer Special Fruit Mask for Glowing Skin

Our skin gradually started losing that glow, that baby smooth skin got replaced with acne, pimples and dark spots! Alas! If only we had listened to our Mothers back then when we were kiddies, things wouldn’t have been this ugly! But it isn’t too late girls! Don’t worry about your skin; you can still get that glow and smooth texture back. I love fruit masks since fruits are easily available everywhere all the time and also it’s pretty easy to prepare a fruit mask as well. They keep my skin smooth and hydrated and bring back that glow naturally and also helps in attaining that flawless and smooth skin that I want! It’s worth trying Girls! So let’s get started!

• A few pieces of kiwi.

Summer Special Fruit Mask for Glowing Skin

• A few pieces of mango.
• 1 teaspoon of oats flour.

Summer Special Fruit Mask for Glowing Skin

• A bowl.

• Get a bowl, toss in your fruits and smash them into a paste.

Summer Special Fruit Mask for Glowing Skin

• Add oats flour.

Summer Special Fruit Mask for Glowing Skin

• Mix it nicely and thoroughly.

Summer Special Fruit Mask for Glowing Skin

Summer Special Fruit Mask for Glowing Skin

How to Apply:
• Dip your towel in lukewarm water.
• Rinse your towel and wipe your face nicely with that towel.
• Apply the pack and let it sit until it dries up.
• Wash off your face pack massaging in circular motion with lukewarm water.
• Again wash your face with cold water and pat dry.
• You may try this pack twice or maximum thrice a week.

• Take a little sample from the face mask and apply it on your wrist to check if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients used in here. If it irritates you in any way, wash it off right away. Unfortunately this face mask is not for you then.
• Since this mask is a bit pulpy and slippery, you can’t run around your room and do your household task. You need to lie down and relax until it gets dried up.
• It works fine for all skin types.

• Rich in vitamin C that builds collagen and firms up your skin.
• Increases skin elasticity.
• Gets rid of clogged pores along with oil, grim and dirt.
• Rich in vitamin A that rejuvenates and tones your skin.
• Rich in antioxidants.
• Removes tan.
• Exfoliates skin gently and moisturizes.
• Potassium present in this face mask, keeps skin hydrated and keeps dryness away.
• Lightens dark spots.

So what are you waiting for? Try this face mask quickly and give your skin a chance to breathe and help your skin to attain a fresh feel this summer! Stay Beautiful! 🙂

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