Suncote Sunscreen Gel Review

During winter, with the scorching blaze of the Sun muted, and the chill in the air setting in, we tend to soak up the warmth whenever we go outside. We neglect the umbrella, avoid staying under shades and the types of protection and naturally bask in the rays of the Sun. Moreover, the sharp, cold, dry air makes our skin even more vulnerable to the harmful source of warmth. This necessitates application of proper sunscreens to protect our skin. Thankfully, Suncote Sunscreen Gel comes to the rescue.

Suncote Gel by Curatio is a dermatological sunscreen designed especially for hyper oily, acne prone skin to prevent these problems. Suncote Sunscreen Gel was prescribed to me by my dermatologist and thankfully, it is working.

Suncote Sunscreen

Suncote Sunscreen Gel is available in pharmaceutical stores and has to be applied 15 – 20 minutes before sun exposure. It is not water resistant. The outer cover is shiny silver while the tube itself is baby pink. The Suncote Sunscreen is gel based, non sticky, non creamy, non oily and pleasantly fragranced.

Suncote Sunscreen Gel Profile–

:umbrella: Manufactured by – Wonder Products
:umbrella: Marketed by – Curatio
:umbrella: Key ingredients – Octylmethoxycinnamate (I copied the spelling alphabet by alphabet, yet MS-Word is marking it as a spelling mistake ), Triethanolamine (again!), Avobenzone (grr!) etc.
:umbrella: Net Quantity – 100 gm
:umbrella: Maximum retail price – 199 INR.

SUncote Sunscreen

The points that make Suncote sunscreen gel desirable are –

:rainbow: Works well with oily, sensitive skin
:rainbow: Does not aggravate the acne situation
:rainbow: A small quantity covers a large area
:rainbow: The gel spreads on the skin smoothly and evenly
:rainbow: The product is reasonably priced
:rainbow: The mild floral scent lasts for a few hours and does not aggravate sensitive noses
:rainbow: Being gel based, it is non oily, non creamy and non sticky

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Unfortunately, though, we cannot ignore a few points –

:cloudy:  The gel does not provide moisturizing to dry skin. It is not meant to too. It is for oily skin afterall.
:cloudy: Washes away in water
:cloudy: Has to be bought from a pharmaceutical shop, not a cosmetic one.

SUncote Sunscreen

Final verdict – having acne prone oily skin, Suncote sunscreen gel is THE product for me. For now, I will stick to this one loyally.

Overall Rating – :-* :-* :-* :-*

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20 thoughts on “Suncote Sunscreen Gel Review

  1. ohh it works great with oily skin ?! then defntly im buying this …
    u wont believe my ””dermatologist”’ prescribed a sunscreen which is soo horrible for oily skin !! plus its soo hard to spread it that it drags the skin to no end :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff:

    im never going back to her..
    now i will follow ur dermatologist’s prescrition and buy this :whistle: :whistle: 😉 😉

  2. Plz tell me that can a 13 yr small girl use this suncote gel,spf30. Our skin specialist has suggested her to apply it. So shall we follow our doctor or we must wait. plz reply me back at my email i.d.

  3. Plz tell me does it feel sticky after using dis sunscreen, i have a oily skin and my specialist has advised me to use this… reply in my mail id… thanx…

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