Suncros 50 AquaLotion SPF 50 Review

By Jyoti D

Skin type: Combination

Hey, guys! ?

I hope you all are having a great day! So, today, I am going to review Suncros 50 AquaLotion SPF 50 sunscreen.

Suncros 50 AquaLotion SPF 50 Review

Price: 335 INR for 60ml
Product Description:
• Suncros 50 aqualotion (SPF 50) provides complete broad spectrum sun protection for sensitive skin and suitable for all skin types.
• It is indicated to provide protection against UVA rays and deep penetrating UVB rays to prevent tanning, sun burn and premature aging of the skin.
• Non greasy. Protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

My Experience with Suncros 50 AquaLotion SPF 50:

Suncros 50 AquaLotion SPF 50 Review Packaging

Packaging: The sunscreen comes in a white colored bottle with pump packaging. The packaging is travel-friendly.

Suncros 50 AquaLotion SPF 50 Review Back

Texture: The consistency is neither too thick nor too thin. But, it takes some time to get completely absorbed. If not blended properly, it leaves a white cast. It has a medicated kind of smell which I don’t like. The smell stays for a while after applying.

Suncros 50 AquaLotion SPF 50 Review Swatch

Applying sunscreen is very important for everyone and you need to find out which sunscreen works best for you. So, you need to keep experimenting until you get that ideal sunscreen according to your skin type. I have been using Lotus 3-in-1 Matte Sunblock SPF 40 and I love it. Recently, I got to know about this sunscreen through a relative of mine; it was recommended to her by her dermatologist. So, I thought let’s try this one out.

Suncros 50 AquaLotion SPF 50 Review Swatch Two

When I applied it on my face, it felt sticky. My face became oily, and then I had to wash it off. After some days, I again gave it a try and to my surprise, it worked well when I used my compact on top of it. That particular day, I was out in the sun for a long time and my skin didn’t get burnt at all and there was no redness, otherwise, if I go out in the sun even for 5 minutes, my skin becomes red like a tomato. But, it fails to prevent tanning.

Overall, it is a good sunscreen for dry skin people as it has nourishing properties.

Pros of Suncros 50 AquaLotion SPF 50:

• Prevents sunburn
• Moisturises the skin
• High SPF provides broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays
• The skin does not feel dry or stretched which is a boon for dry skin people

Cons of Suncros 50 AquaLotion SPF 50:

• Makes the skin oily
• Does not blend easily
• Might be sticky for oily and combination skin
• It does not prevent tan

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Suncros 50 AquaLotion SPF 50?
I would not repurchase it, but I would definitely recommend this for dry skin beauties.

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