3 Ways to Choose Sunglasses!

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3 Ways to Choose Sunglasses

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Aishwarya Rai

Sun glasses are probably the first thing that we hunt for once we are about to leave home. Many of you, like me, would not want to carry umbrellas and in such a case carrying the right sunglass is absolutely a necessity. No Sun-screen, No Sun block, No Umbrella, No Hat can protect your eyes the way sun glasses do. And to put you to a realization state, “direct sun rays can prove to be carcinogenic”. Our Lips, Our Ears, Under Eyes, being sensitive areas, offer vulnerability to such rays. And with the temperature soaring to heights, I am sure, you would not want to undermine such effects.

So, here is how, you can protect your eyes as well as look fabulous by choosing the right pair for you!

You can choose sunglasses according to different parameters:

1. According to your face type

Round Face: These are generally small faced people. They should not choose very big sun glasses. They should also refrain from choosing sunglasses that are widely crafted. Small square (and not rectangle) types should suit them. They may also want to try aviators. Take insights from Cameron Diaz!
Cameron Diaz
Heart Face: These face types are a little more dimensional than round faces. The temple and eye area is broader. As one goes down, towards the chin, the face becomes thinner. Adding broadness to the eyes with glasses would only make the look worse. Aviators are best for them. Take insights from Aishwarya Rai!

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Long Face: These people generally have a thin structure to their faces. Adding dimension is important. They should refrain from circular or ovular styles. Try squarish or a little rectangular styles. Take insights from Nargis Fakhri!
Nargis Fakhri
Oval Face: This is something probably everyone of us would vouch for. Broad sunglasses suit them specially when they have a well balanced face both, at the temples and towards the chin as well. Take insights from Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif!
Kareena Kapoor

2. According to Complexion

Fair: Tinted sunglasses should work super on them. The sun reflects such glasses better on fairer skin! Another solid color is black, but please ensure not to choose black in broader sun glasses for unfortunate reasons.

Wheatish: Color variations in Browns, Blacks and even Mahogany like tinted colors should suit them. You may want to take insights from Priyanka Chopra!
Bipasha Basu
Dusky: This is what people can relate to Bipasha Basu. Tinted Purples and browns should suit these. One thing that should be ensured is, the more darker shade you choose, less broader your sunglasses should be.

3. Other Important Tips

• Try choosing sun glasses that have bigger but not broader frame, unless you have a long face. The bigger these are, the better you under eye area is protected.
• Try picking sunglasses that give you added sun protection. They would have tags like UV Protection.
• Cheaper markets may give you handy options but getting them from a good brand gives you authenticity specially when it is for the reason mentioned above. Have you ever observed, there is some unbalance in your vision when you look down wearing sunglasses bought from such markets?
• Never use your sunglasses as a hair band, Do you really want to loosen them?
• Do not clean you sunglasses with water. You may want to use your breath or a cleaning spray.
• Plastic frames can form a greenish hue over time due to acidic reactions with the skin’s natural oils. It is best to dump them!
• Spare the Bling on them Please!

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22 thoughts on “3 Ways to Choose Sunglasses!

  1. very well compiled Kria….I have had funny experiences choosing shades for me….my face is oval-to-round, and whenever I go out with my gang of girls for sunglasses shopping, they all burst out into laughter and are almost about to fall on the floor, coz rarely a sunglass suits my face *red face*….huhh… but i enjoy the overall experiences…. 😉

  2. I am quite experimental with my sunglasses. Som suit more than the others but I enjoy wearing all of them. if I stick to just one type that suits my face shape or color, I’d be very bored. 😀 Great compilation kria and very useful. 🙂

  3. Nice compilation Kria! Very few sunglasses suit me as my face is slim, only the smaller ones. but I LOVE aviators on me!

  4. Yes Ya, Aviators are the best option! They look fabulous on almost everyone.
    Buy yeah, a suggestion to all people here.
    Never ever buy sunglasses that have the upper rim above your eyebrows.
    Imagine, you shape your brows to give dimension to your face, not hide it!

  5. this is definitely a handy post – but I have had the same pair of sunnies for the past 4 years – they just won’t break ! :O but on the bright side they are just right for me judging by your post – I have a small round face so mine are slightly smaller than the now in fashion HUGE glares and squarish – they look great – they aren’t the most fashionable but most of the currently fashionable glares look like crap on me _ so you win some you lose some eh ?

  6. very good post Kria,

    I have oval face, and most of the big framed sunnies look good on me 🙂
    And i love big frames and dark shades…

  7. Hey Kria !!!!!!!
    Thanks for itne saare tips….for choosing sunglasses. but I think I will remember all of them 🙁

    As of now i just try the sunglasses with my hair tied as well as opened and if it looks good i buy it. I just give priority to brand 🙂 & looks but you opened my eyes as more often use my sunglasses as hair band 🙁

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