Sungrace Sunscreen SPF 40 Review

So, this is another article on another sunscreen but unlike the previous one this is my HG sunscreen. To begin with, Sungrace is not a drugstore one and ask your dermatologist if you can use this one as this is available only at the chemist’s shop. I was having problems with pigmentation due to sun exposure and nothing worked for me but this one and it turns out to be my best friend.

This is Sungrace from Glenmark. It is a high sun protection one suitable for oilies like me. It has SPF 40 +++ and is for for all skin types.

SUngrace sunscreen review

Sungrace sunscreen

Price: 299 INR
Composition: take a look

Sungrace sunscreen
What the company claims:
Sungrace uses potent UV fighters to provide complete broad spectrum sun protection. It is indicated to provide protection from UVB rays and deep penetrating UVA rays which cause skin aging and tanning. Sungrace is water resistant formulation suitable for all skin types/
Direction for use:
Apply evenly and liberally on the face and neck and the exposed areas of the skin. Shoid be applied 15-20 minutes before exposure to sunlight. Reapply after every 3 hours.
Caution” For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and flush with water if the sunscreen enters the eyes.

What I like about Sungrace sunscreen

1) It is non-comodogenic. Doesn’t block pores and never broke me out which is good for my acne prone skin.
2) I know it really protects me because ever since I started using this my skin looks healthier and when I skip this for a long time I start noticing the firreference.
3) I used to tan a lot which has been minimized by this lotion. I still do tan but that is negligible and might be because I don’t reapply after every 3 hours. Is it really always feasible?
4) It was primarily prescribed to me because I had dark eye area. This has lightened it. But don’t expect over night results. It prevents the darkening and lets the skin heal by itself. So, if you re looking forward to cure your uneven pigmentation, you have to be really patient.
5) High SPF keeps me at ease that I’ m sun protected even on hot summer days.
6) It blends into the skin well. At first ot is a bit heavy and oily. But that gets soaks up.
7) It can be used even in the eye area. I was prescribed because of my problem with eye area only.
8) Comes in a pump dispenser and so very very hygienic. The dispenser pumps out about a pea size of the product. So you have more control on the use and nothing goes wasted.
9) Doesn’t have Schedule H drugs. So, this is not really a medicinal product.
10) Two bottles go for a year so it is super cheap that way. Even the drug store sunscreens costs higher than this one

Sungrace sunscreen

Sungrace sunscreen

Sungrace sunscreen

What I dislike about Sungrace sunscreen

  • It is thick in texture like some kind of powder mixed into some liquid which most people might not like.
  • At first it leaves a whitish cast. But you have to keep blending and the heat from your palm then gets it blended in.
  • At first it becomes oily. During summers I just pat dry tissue and then put on compact and it serves the purpose. Doesn’t make the sin greasy. The oiliness doesn’t return back.
  • Doesn’t smell pleasant yet doesn’t smell strong. So no big deal that way.
  • Stings the eyes like hell. So be careful not to let it get into your eyes.

I quite like the product and recommend strongly but ask your dermatologist I simply love this sunscreen and this would be my friend till the company stops manufacturing this which I hope they never do.

Shall I repurchase? Yes. Of course. This is my fourth bottle.

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16 thoughts on “Sungrace Sunscreen SPF 40 Review

  1. Thanks for your review Nivedita…..I am definately getting this one………I like the Glenmark and after your review, I have to have it…………. :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

  2. I have tried sungrace around 6 months back… I used it for, i think, almost a month…. but then, i bought neutrogena dry touch spf50 and stuck to it… thats because sungrace gives a shiny white finish and doesnt blend well too…. but then, those who are okay with it should definitely opt for sungrace rather than neutrogena…. because the results are wonderful! Its like TRUE sun protection with sungrace!

  3. hey,
    a very appropriate review.i hv been using this for almost 6 mnths and m rlly happy with it..most of my tan is gone.and my problem of photosensitivity has subsided completely.yeah it takes time to blend but the results are does not sting my eyes though..

  4. Hi all,review is definitively sounding good here,but i recommend research little more with its key ingredients.In my research i found Zinc oxide is the best ingredient for broad spectrum.And sun grace is chemical sunscreen.But physical sunscreen is more popular containing Zinc oxide and second best titanium dioxide.the key ingredients in Sungrace oxybenzone can be absorbed by skin and damage Dna and lot many other side effects over a long period of please googal once again.Good luck

  5. hi i used Sungrace Sunscreen SPF 40 3 months back it is usefull for me,but the problm is we cant get this cream easly like other cosmatics,im staying in chennai could u plz tell me how to order online or in chennai where i can get this cream.
    thank u

    1. hi ,,
      u can buy it on apollo hospitals,, or in their franchisee,,i was prescribed by my dr(army).rajagopalan from apollo ,chennnai

  6. hey all! i absolutely agree with nivedita & ditto for everything that she has said esp. about the lotion seeming thick at first but getting absorbed v.nicely as you apply it. i have extremely oily skin & break out very easily. i have a skin condition (could say i’m photosensitive) for which it is imperative that i use a serious sunblock lotion. i tried countless S B lotions by various cosmetic companies till my dermatologist in one station (i’m an army wife) prescribed sungrace. i’m happy. it keeps my skin problems in control. been using it for almost two years. the pigmentation blotches on my more exposed driver’s arm are almost gone. it is the perfect S B lotion for people esp. with sensitive skins. thank god it’s available in bhubaneswar now that i’m settled here.

  7. Best sunscreen use sunkroma wid spf 30+++ suggestd by my derma u wl lov it who hate shiney effct of sunscreen gve try !!!!

  8. This sunscreen contains Phenoxyethanol which is used as a stabiliser in perfumes and as a preservative. It is ninth most prevalent allergen in patch tests. Classified as toxic or harmful. Especially people with thyroid disease should restrict themselves from using products(shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sunscreen, toothpaste, makeup) that contain Phenoxyethanol. Japan has restricted its use in cosmetics (concentration limit).

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