All about Sunscreen and Aging

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All about Sunscreen and Aging

We all know how tanned our skin can get if we don’t use sunscreen, most of us are always looking for something or the other to get rid of that stubborn tan. Then why not use a sunscreen in the first place to avoid tanning, sunscreen is a must not just to avoid tan or sunburn but also to protect ourselves from skin cancer and premature aging.Studies support the fact that daily use of sunscreen can slow the skin’s aging process and photoaging.
All about Sunscreen and Aging

What happens in tanning is when uv rays hit the skin, cells in the dermis scramble to produce melanin to the epidermis. Essentially it is our protection against the radiation from penetrating the skin, needless to say, if you like to tan a lot, sunscreen is your guardian.UVB rays are shorter than UVA and are responsible for sunburn, but it is the UVA rays that cause photoaging by penetrating deep into the dermis destroying the collagen fibers,due to which our skin increases production of elastin which increases enzymes.Enzymes rebuild the collagen which often degrade the collagen, hence the skin rebuilding is incorrect. With repeated sun exposure, this happens often and gives you aging skin with damage and a leathery feel.

A broad spectrum sunscreen protects against both ultraviolet B and ultraviolet A rays. Regular use of sunscreens will delay wrinkling.Both UVA and UVB rays penetrate deeper to cause skin damage.UVR also give you age spots on the face hands arms etc, which is nothing but small bit of pigmentation due to sun exposure.

Australian studies show that “adults using daily sunscreen were 24 percent less likely to show increased aging, regardless of sex, age, skin color, occupation, skin cancer history, weight and smoking, everyone benefited from daily sunscreen use.” A study group was supposed to apply sunscreen regularly with reapplication and another group could use it as and when, they were also given beta-carotene supplements to see if this antioxidant helps against aging.Over a period of four and half years, results show those assigned to daily sunscreen use were 24 percent less likely to show increased aging.

Studies also show that a sunscreen with an SPF 15 blocks about 94 percent of ultraviolet B rays avoiding sunburn. Higher SPF like 40 blocked 97.5 percent.What is also important is the reapplication of the sunscreen often for it to work effectively.A thick even layer has to be applied every two hours of bathing or sweating.
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A recently published study shows that UV rays trigger skin cells to collect a protein which results in premature aging. Your tool- Sunscreen with spf 15 should mention protection only against sunburn, where as photo damage and photo-aging is covered by “broad spectrum” sunscreens only.Sunscreens must be applied to exposed areas and before 30 minutes of stepping into the sun.Peak hours of 10 am to 4 pm sun exposure should be avoided.If you do not use sunscreen, make sure to use a hat or unbrella or wear long sleeved clothes for protection.Sunscreen can not only prevent photoaging but also reverse some signs which you may have when used regularly and correctly.

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So ladies, delay premature aging or aging on the whole,protect your skin even when indoors in well lit spaces during the day, cloudy days and if possible even under the hat and long sleeves. 🙂

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      Great article Neha! Just to add, SPF indicates the products’s capacity to fight against UVB rays. The capacity to fight against UVA rays is listed as PA+/PA++/PA+++. However, the PA system is recognised only in South East Asia – was initiated in Japan (I think). PA+++ is the highest level of protection.

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