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Dripta Mukherjee asks:

Dear ladies,

Hi, this is Dripta Mukherjee from Kolkata.Subho Noboborsho (Bengali New Year) to all the bengalies.  How are you all in this scorching summer, here in my city the situation is terrible. So my question is regarding a product which is one of the most essential for this period of time and for the round of year as well. Truly speaking, I have been learning so many things from this beautiful blog.

Now I should come to my question – Could you please suggest me (normal to dry skin) and my friend (oily to combination skin) a good sunscreen. Our choices are Ranbaxy, Neutrogena, Lacto Calamine, VLCC etc. We will be waiting for your recommendations too.

I have a request, if anyone has used Keya Seth’s shampoo, please review it 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Best Sunscreen For Dry and Oily Skin: Ask IMBB

  1. Best sunscreen for oily skin is Lotus Matte gel sunscreen and Clinique’s City sun block. The best makeup product for this time of the year is a primer for me 🙂

    1. *thankyou* Jomol for posting my question. I think you all agree with me that it makes you really really happy when you see your reviews/ quarries come in the greatest blog . I truly meant it. Thanks Jomol, yes we have got our answer……….

  2. For skin I would suggest Lotus Matte block spf 40… and for combi-dry Neutrogena sheer ultra helioplex SPF 50… 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for your suggestion but at the same time I am really sorry for this delay *shy* . I was so busy for the last few days that I could find the time to check IMBB. Actually I have just bought Ranbaxy Suncross SPF 26 though haven’t applied, after finishing this one I would love to buy Neutrogena.

  3. For normal-to-dry skin, check out AnSolar sunscreen lotion (SPF 60) by GSK or Photobloc sunscreen lotion (SPF 50) by Curatio. For oily-to-combination skin, consider Sunmate sunscreen lotion (SPF 30) by Palsons – it has a pretty unique gel-creme consistancy and literally melts into the skin. Also, if either of you might have a beach vacation planned out or use an outdoor swimming pool, Ranbaxy’s Suncross Aquagel will be a good choice.

  4. iam using ranbaxy suncros aquagel and also ranbaxy suncros 50 aqua lotion.both are good and does work for both skin types.but i havent tried lotus sunscreens.if any one have tries both lotus and suncros ,please tell me which among these are the best to prevent tanning….?

  5. and guys 1 more thing…i just saw..Lotus spf 100 today…spf are going higher and higher *duh* ..hmm…somebody pls review it…and yea…recently i tries la roche posay uvidea xl spf 50.but dissapointed .got tanned badly and broke out.but la roche posay extreme fluid is really good:)

  6. hiii Dripta….subho noboborsho to u too!!
    i have dry to normal skin…..before going out in the sun i use lacto calamine and then on top of that i put ranbaxy suncros aqua gel……this combo works perfect for me……but my face sweats a bit in the sun !!….the suncros 1 can also be used on oily skin!!!

    1. Misti kheycho noboborsher? *hihi* You know dear I have told my freinds to use atleast Lacto calamine but he didn’t show any interest, I think I will have to do something regarding this. *spank*

  7. Lacto calamine… My skin is oily and it has reduced oil secretion on my face and that too at a very dirt cheap price… *pompom* *pompom*

  8. hi.. i use somi’s normal hair shampoo.. n dey work perfect for my hair.. *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  9. Hey try the medicated ones – they are more effective plus chances of adverse reaction are almost nil – Try the Sunban Forte – it comes if SPF 50 plus the texture is creamy..

    1. Yes I have bought Ranbaxy, which is medicated, but didn’t try till now. I am waiting to try this one. Thanks dear.

  10. This is for all of you lovely ladies *announce* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* . I wish the team of IMBB very best of luck & kindly help us like the way you do for the yearts to ahead.

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