Sunshine Eyes Makeup Tutorial

In today’s tutorial, we will be using one of the most unused colors in our eye shadow stack- orange. Actually I was visiting someone today and I spotted an oil pastel on their wall. It was the sun, done in colors like orange, brown and golden. The picture was totally mesmerizing and I knew immediately that I HAVE to give it a form of eye makeup. So here you are! The things I used are:

Golden Eye Makeup

1. Lakme face magic soufflé ( I still don’t have any primer or foundation in my kitty and so I borrowed this from my roomie).
2. Lakme compact powder .
3. Streetwear perfect definition eyeliner in black.
4. VOV make up kit.
5. Eye crayons in brown and golden.
6. Maybelline colossal kajal.
7. Maybelline hyper curl mascara.
8. VOV eyebrow powder set.
9. Brushes.

Sunshine eyemakeup material


Prime your eyes as you normally do with concealers or primers of your choice. But make sure you use at least something as a base as we want the orange to pop up.

Sunshine eyemakeup step 1


Define your eyebrows with a dark brown matte eyeshadow.

Sunshine eyemakeup (4)


Take a bright orange eye shadow and dab it on 2/3rds of your upper eyelid.


Take a creamy brown eye crayon ( preferably with a bit of shimmer) and draw a thick “V” on your upper eyelid as shown.


Use your flat eye shadow applicator brush and taking some brown eyeshadow, blend the “V” inwards. Make sure you don’t cover the entire orange. Also keep in mind to keep the ends of the V prominent.

Sunshine eyemakeup (5)


Use a fluffy brush and blend some matte brown eye shadow in the crease to blend the harsh lines.

Step 7:

Use a matte gold eye shadow below the brow bone to enhance the look.


With a steady hand, draw a perfect winged line with liquid black eyeliner and extend it to the V you have created with the brown crayon earlier. Make sure that the “line” of the V matches with the eyeliner line, i.e, there should be no gap between the eyeliner line and the brown V line.

Sunshine eyemakeup


Use a golden crayon to line the inner part of your lower lashline.


Wear kajal, mascara and flaunt your sun eyes look! 😀

I would suggest that you skip the blush with this look, go for slight bronzers instead, and of course creamy nude lips. Please line your lips with a lip liner matching your lip color and then use a lipstick which is in the nudes or light brown family. Avoid anything in pinks or mauve. Touch of gloss in the centre and you are done! And yes, not to forget, loose hair with relaxed curls at the ends would complete this look,have fun ladies!

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69 thoughts on “Sunshine Eyes Makeup Tutorial

  1. idea from an oil pastel on the wall !!!!!!!! hats off to u girl, u are like think makeup do makeup and and ……. makeup (cant get proper word hihiiihiii)

    I cannot pull it off but u did so well 🙂

    1. swetaaaaaaaaa helossssssssss………:) got your mail…..Aprajita really so neat and nice sunshine eyedo….if i wanna do it exactly lk the one u did bt me 🙁 so so poor though IMBB keep motivating me bt need more expertise …keep gtting ideas sweety and do post one day we also learn it to do properly 🙂

  2. Amazing! So happy that I came to office and this is the first thing I read in the morning 🙂 (office emails u ask??? phoeeeyyyy :P)
    I can really see the doesn’t look OTT at all! Gorgeous look! 🙂

  3. only an expert can think of such a look…fantastic eye make-up 😉
    y don’t u click a gud face close up…I am sure u must be glowing

  4. beautiful and refreshing EOTD … different colors for a change.. i also always keep on observing things so that i can create a new eye look everytime… i never knew that the street wear eyeliner is so good… will try someday 😀

    1. thanks Nats! 😀 streetwear eyeliner is more than good, its superb! am on my 2nd bottle now 🙂 the brush is awesome, perfect for creating winged eyeliner 🙂

  5. again!!! look again u flattered me with this post! what a creativity Apa what an imagination. Love how with so much of ease u do make up which is so neat and refined.
    I think i need to take personal tutorials from you. 😉

  6. apa darling if there is an all india eye makeup contest you will win it hands down!!!!!!!!! just look at thsoe eyes! someday some luck man marrying you will be lucky to look into those eyes for his lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh aem gee!! This is soo gorgeous AND wearable. Kudos to you for creating a look with unconventional colors thats actually wearable. Love the bronzed look it gives. Truly reminiscent of sunshine.

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