Sunsilk Co-creations Black Shine Conditioner Review

Sunsilk Co-creations Black Shine Conditioner

Hello sweethearts ,

Today I am going to review one of the best products I have come across . Basically, I do not use conditioners as my hair gets flattened after using conditioner . But this one I bought accidentally from a mall and I really liked it a lot .

Sunsilk Co-creation Jamal Hammadi Nourishing conditoner (2)

Actually I have tried Sunsilk shampoos and they did not work for me but I loved the smell of sunsilk black shine shampoo like hell . I could not use that shampoo because that shampoo made my hair very rough . So I never used it but honestly I just wanted that smell in my hair . And now I have got a solution yay! Trust me girls this fragrance is just like the shampoo. I am super happy.


Rs. 30 for 40 ml .

Larger versions are also available .


Apply it on cleanly washed hair concentrate on ends and after two minutes wash with cold water. For better result use with the Sunsilk co creations black shine shampoo.


Water , ceteary alcohol, dimethiccone , amodimethicone, PEG-7, propythepty , behentrimonium chloride , lactic acid , pantheonol and scent.

Shelf life –

36 months .

My experience with Sunsilk Co-creations Black Shine Conditioner:

I am very happy that this tube of conditioner got into my shopping cart accidentally in mall.  I loved this so much this is not like the other conditioners I have used before. This made my hair very smooth and shiny without making them oily or flat . One more reason for liking it a lot is its smell . Its the same smell of the black shine shampoo . The conditioner is a thick grayish-white paste , comes in the regular packaging of conditioner . Its a plastic tube and its very travel-friendly . One can easily carry it around in a travel bag without worrying about spilling . I have little tube of 40 ml and till now I have used it 3-4 times . As I do not like very flat hair I usually use a little amount so its going to last me longer . Another advantage of using these small tubes is you can try different versions of conditioners . About my experience with this conditioner-  just a one word – Awesome . I really love the feeling when that smell lingers in my hair for 2-3 days post wash as well. The conditioner makes my hair more shiny , soft and manageable and gives me the confidence to leave my hair open the day I wash it . At this price, I have never seen any conditioner doing a better job than this . Its a very pocket-friendly option for those who loved the shampoo’s smell but could not use shampoo .I guess they have started an offer in which when you buy a big bottle of shampoo you get free conditioner of same variant , I guess its a pretty nice deal.

sunsilk condtioner

So girls, do not wait and grab this conditioner on your next visit to malls and shops. This can be your best friend in monsoons . I think I have got my HG conditioner now.

Pros of Sunsilk Co-creations Black Shine Conditioner:

  • Pocket-friendly
  • Awesome fragrance .
  • Travel friendly packaging .
  • Not heavy on hair .
  • Available in many sizes .
  • Available almost everywhere .

Sunsilk Co-creation Jamal Hammadi Nourishing conditoner swatch

Cons of Sunsilk Co-creations Black Shine Conditioner:


Do I recommend Sunsilk Co-creations Black Shine Conditioner?

Yesssss ! I recommend this conditioner to all of you as it is very nice , does not get heavy on hair and gives me silky soft hair .

IMBB Rating:

– 4.5 /5 ( I believe no conditioner is perfect to get 5/5 :p )

Thanks for reading .

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