Sunsilk Long and Healthy Growth Nourishing Conditioner Review

Hair Type: Soft, smooth and thin hair with dry ends
Scalp: Oily

Hello, ladies! 🙂
I always love to try out different hair care products. I have naturally smooth hair so I need a conditioner only to keep it frizz-free. Currently I am loving the Garnier Ultra Blends range but then I found this conditioner by Sunsilk in my stash and here is the review. I have already reviewed the Sunsilk Long and Healthy Growth Shampoo. Let’s get into the details.
Sunsilk Long and Healthy Growth Nourishing Conditioner Review

INR 66 for 80ml



My Experience with Sunsilk Long and Healthy Growth Nourishing Conditioner:

The conditioner comes in a medium size, attractive, green colored tube with a flip-top cap. The cap closed tightly and it is perfect for traveling. It also comes in various size options. All the details are nicely described over the tube. The product is budget-friendly and travel-friendly.

conditioner packaging

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It has a very fresh and pleasant fragrance which keeps my hair fresh and the fragrance stays in my hair for some time but not for long. Its medium thick texture blends smoothly on hair without any effort and it is quite easy to rinse too. I just need only a coin size amount of the product. It does not feel heavy on my hair.


I prefer to use the conditioner from the mid-length of my hair and it instantly makes my hair smoother. The ends of my hair are quite dry so I mostly concentrate on the tips of my hair and this conditioner makes the tips soft. It detangles my hair and knots well; I can comb through my hair easily after wash. It actually makes my hair softer and smoother. It adds a nice shine to my hair too. It does not weigh my hair down but it cannot add any volume to it either. It just keeps my hair naturally bouncy. But I desire some volume as my hair is thin and limp.


The conditioner makes my hair frizz-free and manageable also. It keeps my hair tangle-free but, as usual, at the end of the day, my hair becomes frizzy. So, the effect is not long-lasting but it works well according to its price. It never makes my normal hair dry. It can’t magically transform damaged hair but it is good enough for dry hair.


I have finished this tube but I really haven’t noticed any changes in hair growth; it hasn’t made my hair longer. But, it’s a nice product to try and it does make your hair healthy. It is also a good option for oily hair during summers. It is a budget-friendly product that nourishes the hair well.


Pros of Sunsilk Long and Healthy Growth Nourishing Conditioner:

• Travel-friendly, attractive packaging
• Super affordable
• Comes in various size options
• Has a fresh, pleasant scent
• Spreads easily
• Detangles hair smoothly
• Keeps hair soft and smooth
• Hair looks nice and healthy
• Controls frizz (to some extent)
• Adds some shine to hair
• Keeps hair naturally bouncy

Cons of Sunsilk Long and Healthy Growth Nourishing Conditioner:

• Does not accelerate hair growth
• Hair looks frizzy at the end of the day
• Effects are not long-lasting
• Can’t add volume

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Sunsilk Long and Healthy Growth Nourishing Conditioner?
It keeps hair soft and smooth. But, it can definitely NOT accelerate your hair growth. If your hair isn’t damaged and you want a budget-friendly conditioner, give this one a try.

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