Super Stylish Workout Clothes

By Arushi Jain

With the advent of time, we all have been introduced to so many trends in the constantly changing world of fashion. We adore some of these while absolutely abhor the others. Well, what I really mean to say here is, fashion has become an indispensible part of our lives.

stylish gym clothing

I would like to quote Coco Chanel, the queen of fashion, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

Keep this quote in mind and dress your best always, yes I said always! Even when you work out!! Just like fashion, fitness is imperative. Why not look spectacular and stunning while in the process of achieving that perfect body that you always desired. It is fundamental to choose the right outfit for your workout sessions not solely because of aesthetic appeal, but also for you to feel comfortable.

Now, you may also ask, why all dress up and style my fitness wear? Basically, when you look good and dress just right for your workout it instills a feel good factor within you which galvanize you into working out harder and better. Let’s check out some comfortable yet nice-looking workout outfits for all you charming ladies!

Workout Uppers:

Spaghetti Tops

Super Stylish Workout Clothes3

These are just perfect for summers and easy hand movements. They are available in beautiful bright colours, so ditch those boring, dull colours and bring a zing to your gym wear.

Half Zipped and Full Sleeves

My personal favorite is this kind of upper gym wear. Full sleeves and almost covered neck warms up my body fast and I kind of sweat like a pig which is good and bad at the same time.

Super Stylish Workout Clothes9

Long Sleeves

They are excellent for grip while doing your cardio exercises. While running especially, they help you maintain a balance and grip

Loose Tank Tops

Super Stylish Workout Clothes8

When you choose to wear something relatively loose while working out, it is essential to wear the perfectly fitting inner wear. I am sure you wouldn’t want to attract eyeballs to your bouncing jubblies.

Ballet Wrap Tops

Super Stylish Workout Clothes5

It is for all you girly girls out there! Choose your ballet wrap with the right fabric that quickly dries up the sweat. This top is so feminine looking that every fitness freak must own one. I have a ballet wrap in light pastel pink colour, it’s gorgeous!

Cropped Loose Tops

Super Stylish Workout Clothes6

Come on, who doesn’t like crop tops now?! Need I say more about these ‘always in fashion’ tops? Just do not forget to wear the right bra inside.

Cropped Bra Style Top

Super Stylish Workout Clothes

Personally, I am not a fan of these because it’s a little too revealing for me and more so I don’t like the opposite sex ogling at me while I sweat it out.

Workout Bottoms:

Cropped Leggings

Super Stylish Workout Clothes4

Easily available and affordable at the same time, leggings are the most common gym wear. If you are fond of vibrant colours then I have a good news for you! They are available in colours like electric pink, aqua blue, emerald green and quirky orange to name a few.

gym wear

Spandex Shorts

Super Stylish Workout Clothes10

It’s well known for its elasticity and thus, it is perfect for yoga and floor exercises that require stretching.

Track Pants

Super Stylish Workout Clothes1

This bottom style has been in existence for ages now. They are comfortable and can never be a wrong choice for any kind of workout.

Sporty Divided Skirts

Super Stylish Workout Clothes7

I love wearing these! They look so pretty yet sporty. However, you must keep in mind your kind of workout before opting to wear these. Once I wore them for my yoga class; oops that was a bad choice! These are primarily for a sports workout, may be while playing badminton or basketball.

Mix and match these uppers and bottoms according to your type of workout, body shape and style. Hey you beautiful, don’t doubt your fashion adroitness, get inside your gym outfit and sweat it out in style!

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  1. Hi Arushi, you have compiled an awesome list here! I really need to revamp my workout clothes. I am kinda miser when it comes to styling clothes that will get sweaty in the end. 😛

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