6 Superb Ways to Grow Eyelashes Longer and Thicker

Who doesn’t want thick and luscious looking lashes? With little consistency and care, you can definitely achieve the lashes of your dreams. In today’s post, I will help you achieve this dream with few easy tips and tricks. If you want to know then just keep on reading.

How to Get Long and Thick Eyelashes

Castor oil

This is truly a wonder oil if you are looking for luscious brows as well as lashes. Castor oil is very nourishing as well as stimulating for hair growth. It also helps to fight micro-organisms that hamper the growth of hair. You can use a cotton swab to directly apply castor oil to your lashes before going off to sleep. Leave it overnight. You can rinse off any residue that is left in the morning. Do this consistently and you will definitely notice the results.

Aloe vera

It is not only cooling in this sweltering heat but is also very moisturizing. Aloe vera has so many hair friendly vitamins and nutrients that are essential for hair growth. Take an old mascara wand and use it to apply aloe vera to your lashes. Wand will evenly distribute aloe to your lashes. Leave it overnight and rinse off in the morning.


We all know eggs have very high protein content which is essential for healthy hair growth. Eggs also have biotin and B vitamins that help in improving the overall texture of your lashes. To use this, beat 1 egg and 1 tablespoon of glycerine. Dip a cotton swab into this mixture and apply it on your eyelashes. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse it off using cold water. You can use this method every alternate day.

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Coconut milk

This is also another ingredient which is great for the growth of lashes. Coconut milk is rich in protein and essential fats that help you grow your lashes. You can directly dip a cotton swab in cold coconut milk and apply it on your eyelashes. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse it off. You can do this every day to notice desired results.

Petroleum jelly

Vaseline is a wonderful emollient that can help you get those luscious lashes. It makes the lashes look healthier while growing lash hair at the same time. You can directly apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your lashes and leave it overnight. You can use a tissue to get rid of any residue that is left in the morning.

Shea butter

Shea butter helps to improve hair texture and its quality as it contains vitamin A and vitamin E. It nourishes the hair follicles and enhances growth. Just take a tiny amount of shea butter in between your fingertips and melt it by rubbing your fingers together. Apply this on your eyelashes. Keep it on overnight.

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