Superdrug Tropical Smoothie Self Heating Mask Review

Superdrug Tropical Smoothie Self Heating Mask

Hello All,

I am so glad that I am coming to India for a month, I have been longing for mom’s food and her selfless love. I just eat, sleep and gain weight when I am in India *hihi* Anyways winters have seeped in London and there are chill spells everywhere, hence self heating masks are always on must have things. Today I will be reviewing Superdrug Tropical Smoothie Self Heating Mask.
Superdrug Tropical Smoothie Self Heating Mask

GBP 1.00


15 ml.

Product Description:

Turn up the heat with this Superdrug Tropical Smoothie Self Heating Mask! With a tropical blend of apricot, peach and mango oils, it gently warms up to open pores for a deep down cleanse, while the fruit oils help to nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling incredibly soft and smooth.
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How To Use:

Splash face with warm water and leave wet. Gently massage the mask into your face avoiding the lip and eye area. Embrace the warming effect for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. Use regularly.

My experience with Superdrug Tropical Smoothie Self Heating Mask:

Like all the masks, this also comes in plastic sachets. I have been using superdrug’s mask for a long time now and I think that they are tough competitors of MJ mask. I was very much tempted to buy this one, as all the three- apricots, peach and mango are my favourite fruits and I knew I will fall in love with the smell. The mask is yellowish-orange in colour and is very creamy with medium thick consistency. After washing the face with warm water I indulge in the application, it spreads evenly and beautifully on the skin. The smell is majority of mango; it was so yummy to smell mango in the winter season *hihi* When I massaged in, the heating sensation was quite strong and I could feel it penetrating. Now coming to the drawback, the heating feeling lies for 30 seconds or so and then just fades away which was major disappointment *cry* . The pack do not dries completely so after leaving it for 20 minutes, I washed it off. The after effects won my heart and I forgot about the drawback. The face was not only clean and fresh but was also tightened. It gave me no breakouts or dry skin. Even my husband asked what I did with my face today as it was glowing *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* . Impressive!

Superdrug Tropical Smoothie Self Heating Mask7

Pros of Superdrug Tropical Smoothie Self Heating Mask:

 Loaded with apricot, peach and mango oils.
 Cleans the skin well.
 Tightens the skin.
 Nourishes and moisturises the skin.
 Does not cause any break outs.
 Suitable for dry skin.
 Provides healthy glow.
 Refreshing and calming smell.
 Easy to apply and remove.
 Value for money.
 Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
 Not tested on animals.
 Paraben free.

Superdrug Tropical Smoothie Self Heating Mask9

Cons of Superdrug Tropical Smoothie Self Heating Mask:

 Heating sensation lasts for only 30 seconds.
 Difficult to store once the sachet has been opened.
 Available only in Superdrug store and their website.

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Do I Recommend Superdrug Tropical Smoothie Self Heating Mask:

Even though it has many pros, the self heating can be concern for some people. So anyone who is looking for amazing after effects from mask that is so cheap then yes go for it. But if the long lasting heating sensation is your cup of tea, then avoid this one.

Will I Repurchase Superdrug Tropical Smoothie Self Heating Mask:

Totally yes!

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14 thoughts on “Superdrug Tropical Smoothie Self Heating Mask Review

  1. I used purederm self heating mask and the heating lasted for like 30 minutes *jalwa* *jalwa* *jalwa* this looks good too… i wanna try their stuff once *happy dance*

  2. I had tried a self heating mask from Que Bella available at Target
    It has some amazing effect ! But I agree that the heating thing can be a problem for some

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