Supplements for Hair Growth

All of us suffer from hair blues once in every while. We lead hectic lives, brave the heat and sun, use too many chemical-based products, and have a ton of stress factors that take a toll on those lovely tresses.

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It goes without saying that the best nutrition hair needs will come from the food we eat. But at times when your hair situation gets critical, some important supplements can come to the rescue.

I thought it might be helpful to list some inexpensive non-prescription supplements under their Indian brand names easily available at your local chemist. I have included the basic dosage, but you can consult your doctor if you wish to take more for exceptionally bad hair issues.

Vitamin A:

It is a powerful antioxidant that starts working at the hair follicle to stimulate the production of sebum, a natural lubricant for shiny healthy hair.
Natural Sources: Carrots, green vegetables, eggs.
Supplements: SevenSeas Cod Liver Oil
Dosage: Twice daily.

B Vitamins:

Helps maintain good haemoglobin levels in the body and carry oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle. Improve overall body immunity and strength to fight stress, unhealthy conditions and play a vital role in the repair-and-regrowth mechanism of the body.
Natural Sources: Whole grains, pulses, eggs, meat
Supplements: Becosule Capsule
Dosage: Once daily


This is perhaps the most important b-vitamin for hair which can help tide over problems like hair loss or damaged hair even when they are in serious stages. You may need to take this in addition to your regular b-complex pill.
Natural Sources: B-vitamin sources
Supplements: Zubitin
Dosage: Once daily
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Essential fatty Acids

These are necessary for overall healthy hair and regrowing lost hair. I have used this personally in times of nightmarish hair days with great results.
Natural Sources: fish, flaxseeds, nuts
Supplements: Primosa 1000
Dosage: 1 to 3 capsules daily.


Zinc is a very important antioxidant and it helps in repair and regrowth of hair.
Natural Sources: Meat, poultry, eggs
Supplements: Zevit ( b-complex+zinc capsule)
Dosage: Once daily.

Vitamin E

It stimulates hair capillaries on the scalp and enhances blood circulation. It directly aids the making of new hair.
Natural Sources: Nuts, seeds, vegetable oils
Supplements: Evion 400
Dosage: Once daily


Believe it or not, iron deficiency can cause hair to fall. And running around in our chaotic lifestyles, we are often slightly anaemic without even knowing it.
Natural Sources: Kidney Beans(rajma), green leafy veggies like spinach, meat, beetroot
Supplements: Softeron Z (a really cool iron pill that helps regulate bowel movements instead of causing constipation :P)
Dosage: Once daily with a natural source of Vitamin C, e.g., orange juice.


• The best way to take these vitamins is to take them along with a meal. That way they are much better absorbed by the body and you get the full value of the money you spent on them!
• Iron should never be taken with milk or similar calcium containing food, because it will not be absorbed properly. To enhance absorption, take iron with a glass of high vitamin c fruit juice — orange, mosambi, nimbu paani, tomato, etc.
• Intake of vitamins should be spaced out throughout the day. Don’t take all your vitamins at a single meal, rather, take one or two pills with each mealtime.
• It is very important to take care that you consult a doctor before consuming any kind of extra supplements if you suffer from any medical condition. For women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is best to stick to natural food sources unless advised differently by the doctor. Even for women who are trying to conceive, some supplements must be used with caution. If you are trying to conceive, omit Cod Liver Oil and Primosa capsules completely, and make sure you do not consume more than 40mg of zinc per day. These are unsafe during pregnancy and it is best not to be taking them when you fall pregnant.
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Along with vitamin pills, you must make sure you have a healthy well-balanced diet. Citrus fruits and green vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, poultry, fish, eggs and low fat dairy are all essential for healthy hair. Add vitamin C to your diet with citrus fruit juices and high quality protein from vegetarian/non vegetarian sources: your hair is composed of 91% proteins in the form of ‘keratin’. And remember to drinks 8 to 12 glasses of good old water every day!

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43 thoughts on “Supplements for Hair Growth

  1. Me to fully dependent on my sahul hair nutrient capsule ,its ayrvedic and contains natural iron and other stuff, me used other supplements when I was very unwell, that helped me a lot!! Nice tips, !

  2. where do you get sahul hair capsules, taps? i have hair fall issues from hormonal issues and supplements help me over a long term basis only. i’m so fed up of it. 🙁

    1. Ohhhh I get this at pantaloons food bazaar, big bazaar, many cosmetics shop keep sahul products, you can ask them also !!!

  3. 1 doubt — are these specifically for women or even for men?
    My younger brother is suffering from hairfall after he moved to US

    1. Guys can take these, but men need more zinc, so they can have becosule Z and they require vitamin C too so Limcee!

    2. They are for both men and women. As taps said becosule z or zevit can be taken by men because they need more zinc. i think zevit has about 41 mg of zinc.. dont know about becosule z. supplements take sometime to work. maybe your bro is suffering from hairfall due to other factors like water change, climate change, dietary changes or stress? trying out ayurvedic stuff is a great idea if you dont wanna gulp down too many medications.

      1. Becosule Z contains some 15 mg of zinc, so we can take this and guys can take Zevit as you said !! Yess climate and all changed all of a sudden so your bro experiencing hair fall,but at US ask him to have a check up at a trichologist, they may help him out !!

    1. Sahul hair nutrient capsule really helped me and my elder sis also in hairfall, I dont know but whoever I have recommended this, no body has yet complained , everybody liked it effect.Yes this capsule is both for men and women and its price is Rs 300 for 60 capsules, contains 40 + ayurvedic herbs and natural iron and calcium and stops hairfall, cures dandruff, prevents split ends, and stops hair breakage, many other things also written dear !!! I can do a review but am not sure if we can review ayurvedic supplements here, will ask Rati about it.

  4. i have taken does help for hair-fall..but i guess if u r a moderate/sedentary worker..a well balanced diet will provide u teh best 🙂

  5. I have been using biotin and it is great not only for your hair but also for your nails. They chip less and are much stronger!!! :toothygrin:

      1. Bhumycka, if you love dark chocolates then you would love 5 star flavour a lot !! Its bit bitter but me like it a lot!!!

            1. Can you guys tell me which biotin rich supplements you tried. Even i have lot of hair fall and hair roots are becoming very thin :((

  6. i swear by becosules.. another two supplements that i can recco are
    1. Fish Oil capsules – Maxepa (they contain fatty acids, vitamin a and vitamin d.) slightly more expensive than seven seas. but u need to take just one a day so that.
    2. Iron syrup – Most iron supplements as pointed out rightly do cause constipation. So when I had a bout of anemia, my doc asked me to take a syrup called tonoferon after breakfast. 2 teaspoons once a day. Btw it contains folic acid too.
    3. Calcium and vitamin D- Most women above 35 should ask their doctor for a bone density test and start taking Caldy tablets, if they are found to have deficiency. Indian women dont drink so much milk etc and often suffer calcium deficiency. this gives calcium and vitamin D, which complement each other and strengthen bones. i find it also helps hair fall.

    1. OMG, thanks for recommending fish oil capsules! :thanks: i have been looking for an easily available brand since so long, the imported ones like GNC cost a whopping lot! These stupid local chemists look at me blankly when i ask them for cheaper brands. How much does Maxepa cost? Darn, here at IMBB, i learn something new everyday! Fish oil is GREAT for hair, skin, heart, brain, EVERYTHING! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

      1. maxepa costs 120 rs for 30 capsules. but here is how i take it .. when i am losing a lot of hair i take one daily for a week. then i switch to two capsules in a week and i find it works well like that.

  7. Wow! Gr8 tips both on the post and the comments :waytogo: :waytogo: ….today only I was asking my mom abt supplements for vit. E and came across this post now….i am bookmarking the page now :specs: :specs:

  8. Hey gr8 article… i bought becosules n fish oil capsules today after reading this… thank u so much for helping…. :thanks: :thanks:

  9. Some people find supplements that can be use as hair treatment. Considering effects that lead on healthy growth hair. Some cases are having difficulty to handle and adjust baldness.

  10. hey all…
    i have been drinking protein shakes from amway and taking their multi vitamin supplements…trust me these are way more effective than pharmaceutical brands..i am a doctor by profession…still i dont recommend those pharma companies to patients when it comes to supplements…expensive but worth it!!

  11. Revitel women is also gd bcoz it’s multivitamins tablet. So much pills r nt gd fr anyone spcly fr a woman. Amway also deliver gd supliments and it’s makes frm natural hurbs

  12. Im big fan of your blog..I have sensitive skin and acne prone skin..can you please suggest a vitamin supplements for hair and skin…

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